the art of wellness

RESET: Pain, weight, post-traumatic stress, brain fog, aging, relationships, physical injuries, mystery illnesses, frustration, addictions, etc.


PTSD/Family Patterns

Health Imbalances






Your Neighborhood Gym

Fitness Norfolk has brought a new concept to the Norfolk area: The Neighborhood Gym. Whether you are a "workout warrior" who never skips leg day or a busy mom just looking for some "me" time, we've got you covered. At Fitness Norfolk you will find a welcoming, vibrant community of people seeking a healthy lifestyle. If you're looking to get started on achieving your own fitness goals, we hope you'll come home to Fitness Norfolk! 

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Wellness Scans

A simple ZYTO galvanic skin response scan can help inform your wellness decisions by providing accurate readings directly from your body. (FDA Approved Class II Medical Device). Your scan will reveal the preferences your body has at the moment the scan is done for services, supplements, foods, exercises, diets, and affirmations.  Your scan also reveals the overall health range of your body, the triggers causing problems, how your organs are performing, and what viruses and bacteria may be causing problems.

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Secret Weapon of The Navy Seals

Floating benefits everyone with unique health problems, or without.  Most people who float will experience a general sense of well being,  clarity of mind, calmness, more energy and optimism, while feeling more positive and happy.  There can be a decrease in cortisol and other stress hormones and of course, the personal favorite of a sleep deprived nation - better and deeper sleep. 

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Reframing Life Experiences

Using a process known as Perception Reframing, the EVOX system helps clients discover a whole new way of seeing things.  The EVOX uses the voice (VOX is Latin for voice) to create visual maps of a client's perceptions about specific topics like health, relationships, work, or athlete performance--any aspect of life.  Users of the EVOX system have reported positive impacts on their lives. 



We've Got Your Back

Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. While more research is needed to confirm the benefits of massage, some studies have found massage may also be helpful for:

  • Anxiety

  • Digestive disorders

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Headaches

  • Insomnia related to stress

  • Myofascial pain syndrome

  • Soft tissue strains or injuries

  • Sports injuries

  • Temporomandibular joint pain

  • More ...

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Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulator

Regulates and improves the flow of energy in the body.  By the application of specially designed electromagnetic impulses, called Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, the cells can produce more energy and the metabolism is activated.  Disturbed control systems function again, and the self-healing powers are supported.  Also included is the red-light and wrinkle device.  (FDA Approved Class II Medical Device) 

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

What is pulsed electromagnet field therapy?  To sum up the true potential of this exciting technology in a single sentence: The MagnaCharger PRO is the Rolls-Royce of PEMF's and is considered to be the most advanced injury repair and pain elimination technology in the world today, using tiny pulses of energy to stimulate the immune system.  



Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, More

START TODAY: Which program is for you?

WELLNESS SHOULD BE EASY:  It doesn't have to be as hard as you have been working, or as confusing, and you don't have to do this alone.  GSR technology changes everything leaving you with confidence and results.


Schedule your FREE consult TODAY.  Mention the website and receive a $49 Zyto/EVOX Scan.  ($300 value)

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Biblical Health

Nutrition is about living - well.  There is a myriad of confusing information and how do we figure out what works best for us?   We all want to be healthy, have energy, and look good.  Most of us just want to lose weight.  We know we will feel better with less weight.  But how?  

We have to address all areas of living: The mental, physical, spiritual, social / emotional.  Our way is Biblical.  Who knows more about how our body's work than the one who made us?  

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Sunlighten mPulse bELIEVE

​Powerful benefits by Sunlighten Infrared Therapy.  Inspired by nature.  Made for healing.  Using mPulse bELIEVE has shown improved Cell-Health, Blood Pressure, Circulation, Pain-Relief, Relaxation, Natural-Anti-Aging, Weight-Loss, Detoxification, Wound-Healing.  Experience bliss and beat the stress.  Sweat out toxins.  Boost metabolism and fat loss.  Enjoy deep tissue relief. Improve heart health. Slow down and reverse aging.  Boost the immune system.  Sleep better and wake up more refreshed.  Recover better from training.  Maximum health benefits - less heat, more targeted healing.  

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Vibration Therapy

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to be stronger?

Are you low on time?

Do you sit too much?

Do you play sports?

Do you want to be faster?

Do you love massages?

Do you love feeling good?

Do you have back or joint issues?

Do you have balance issues?

and more ...

Check out T-Zone Therapy.

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Body Composition Analyzer

​With the InBody720 Body Composition Analyzer PREMIER FLAGSHIP - of course - it's Renova - only the best and newest technology to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-read assessment of body composition.  Detailed graphs and recommended ranges clearly indicate patient results, progress, and targets.  Obesity analysis, Body Fat Mass and Lean Body Mass, hydration analysis, and more.  Everything you need to know, so you know what to do.