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The Pursuit of Happiness

T.S. Eliot was a genius. This is my favorite quote. The truth of these words are constantly proven, over and over again - in my life. And now, here we are again - another 4th of July and still America exists even though many want to destroy us and hate us because we are healthy, happy and successful. A curious reason to hate, don't you think?

Our founding fathers were passionate about America. Each word in our Declaration of Independence reflects and exemplifies this passion. As we race towards another 4th of July, I am introspective and grateful for their amazing efforts to ensure that each of us has the right and opportunity to pursue happiness ... even health and wealth.

The following article was written in 2014 and I read it each year to remind myself of who I am and where I came from. To be forever grateful for the many individuals who have laid down their lives to make sure we continue to have these rights. Even the individuals who spit on this document and those who fight against freedom - are allowed to do so because of this document, that established this country "tis of thee."

So, spit away my friends. I forgive you, because God requires me to do so. I love you because I love the freedom that allows you to spit. Here's the article:

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