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Anchorage was blanketed by another 5 inch layer of snow last night. Winter wonderland. So beautiful, peaceful and soul relaxing. When I hiked to Fred Meyer's this morning, all bundled up, I made the first footsteps in the new snow, and found the battery needed to fire up the scale. Lynne and I are both down 3 pounds since this adventure began. We are so motivated now to keep going (yesterday I wanted a hot dog so badly - but didn't - What the pho?)


Energy Range is high - Affirmations:

1. When I trust the God within, anything is possible.

2. My body is healed, restored and filled with energy.

3. Life is unfolding perfectly.

4. I lovingly release all causes of dis-ease from my past and now live and move in joy.

5. I am worthy of an intimate, passionate relationship. (That was Lynne's)

Today's MENU:

1. Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie -

2. Lunch - Spinach Salad (again ... just have to eat it again - tastes wonderful!

3. Dinner - Green Juices (Celery + Pear + Cucumber + Kale + Ginger)

4. Possible Snacks - Dates, Raw sprouted watermelon seeds, a very few black walnuts: DON'T BECOME HUNGRY.




Movie - The Secondhand Lions


PocketGym and walking to Fred Meyer's & around the downtown mall.

After bar-hopping last night with the Battle Dawgs, we decided to take it a little easy/slow today. Getting ready for the big Iditarod event on Thursday night and going dog-mushing on Friday. The race kicks off on Saturday. Watch it on TV and we'll wave to you. Wish you were here.

Lynne & Deb

Lightened up by 3 pounds on day 3!

PS If you noticed our hoodies, you'll see the new R.E.D. colors on Battle Dawgs jackets. R=Remember, E=Everyone, D=Deployed.

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