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LIGHTEN UP - Protein Myths

I've been fighting "where do you get your protein" - misinformed statement/question for almost 50 years. Protein is in ALL foods, and in fruits and vegetables, it is in the proper amount, mixed perfectly for our health.

Finally, the Medical Medium did a talk this morning on protein. Read it and be set free. Read it and follow the information to be healthy, restore your brain and build muscles.

Let the truth be told, even though the heavens may fall!

Here are the notes from this morning's Facebook Live! Sunday, May 6, 2018: FB Live with Anthony William, the Medical Medium

Anthony will be sharing undiscovered information on the truths and myths about protein and building muscles, including:

  • Why today's protein obsession is more harmful than helpful

  • The correlation between high protein and high-fat diets and why they can be detrimental when you have a chronic illness

  • How high protein diets can lead to liver problems and feed pathogens

  • The most important macro-nutrient for building and rebuilding muscles (it's not what you might think)

  • The best foods to eat to rebuild muscles and strength.

"I’m Anthony William, the Medical Medium. We are doing a big show about protein today. What I want you to do is watch this again after we are done, because it’s going to be packed.

What if somebody played a joke on you? And you never found out what it was? Maybe even your whole lifetime was lived never finding out what someone did to you your entire lifetime or your forefathers and parents lifetime. What if the joke was played on them? Wait. What if the joke was played on your children? That is not funny. What if the joke gets played on their children? If you don’t know what it is, how can you get yourself safe? Well, protein is like that joke. Protein has its place, but it’s not as important as you think.

Protein is not responsible for why millions of people are sick. People are not responsible for all the symptoms people have with chronic and mystery illness. Protein is not totally responsible. It does play a role, as far as bad proteins go, but is not the cause.

You recognize what this is? It’s an egg. We are going to talk about this, cheese too. I’m not going to eat it for lunch. All these myths can get in the way of your healing.

With protein and chronic illness, you can’t lump them all together.

You can’t go searching for protein to get you better. If anything proteins can actually get in the way. If you don’t know much about me, here’s where I'm not doing propaganda against meat-protein or against vegan people.

There’s a food war going on out there.

Protein is like the thing everybody’s hanging their hat on. I’m not on any one side. This is about information you need to know whether someone is plant based or protein based, so the playing field is leveled out. This is about getting you the truth whether you're plant eaters or paleo Both of these groups use protein as this thing they’re playing with. It’s keeping all the experts busy. The reason they have to hang their hat on it is because they don’t know what’s making people sick. Get the First MM book and read it. Go to the library and get it. When you go to your doctor and practitioners, they say you are not eating enough protein or eggs, or whatever. That wrong information is going to burn you and burn you bad. That’s why I’m doing this. Im on your side and I’m not trying to hang my hat on something. I am not propping up some false belief system or a bunch or organized financial backers.

The LCF book is about what’s in these foods which will actually heal you. There’s no protein powders in this book. Protein doesn’t actually heal anyone. It can hurt people depending on what it is and how it’s done. What heals people is all the other things which are in food.

Where did the whole protein thing come from? In the 1940s and women started complaining about aches and pains, tingles and numbness, painful feet, joints, eye problems, brain fogs. All that barely existed until the 1940s. And guess what came in “Maybe you need protein” You should have more protein shakes if you're vegan. It’s madness because if you're wrapped up in it, you'll slow your healing down. Men created the protein phrase to have an answer about why women were having problems. I’ve talked to old doctors for decades ago. And they would remember the day when the weather changed and women were filing in non-stop and everyone’s offices were getting filled for no reason. Guess what the scape goat was? Protein! It was the industry where the agenda and payoffs were. Then it was all hormones, now it’s something else.

If you don’t free yourself from the protein madness, you're going to get lost.

So even if you're eating some fresh fruits and veggies for the first time, and you still have these ups and downs and someone tells you: you need more protein, you are going to set yourself badly. I don’t mind animal protein nor vegan protein. Spinach is a great source of protein and it’s highly bioavailable but has no fat so doesn’t fill you up for long.

The reason why people feel satiated when they eat animal protein is because they are eating a protein source which has a lot of fat with it. If people are on the cleanse, and suddenly feel like they need something heavier pr satiating, they eat a 4 oz piece of meat. It’s because of the fat that was mixed into the protein that is satiating. So we have to focus on calories, not just protein. If you're an athlete, and you're only eating 2 bananas in a day it’s not enough.

Lentils, spirulina, barley grass juice powder; these are great protein sources without all the fat.

Is protein from beans ok? Some people do well with beans and some don’t Beans have so much fibre and everybody’s digestive tract is different. So some people can do amazing with lentils, sprouted 28% lentils. on their salad. But some people will have trouble with all that fibre and get gas.

Even after I do this hour, some of you will still be like “Where’s my protein?” And its still that old joke from the last century.

You don’t have to be plant or animal based but if you are just focused on protein, you are going to get yourself and your loved ones in trouble. Celery juice, I’m drinking it Sunday morning. This is like 24-26 ounces. That’s how much I do in the mornings. I talk about celery juice in all my books. If you don’t have the books, go to the library.

Celery juice is critical.

That’s how we can go into the next phase with building muscles. Celery plays a big role in that.

Fats in Protein: What we are really looking for is calories, not protein. We get them from nuts, seeds, beef, chicken, eggs. We think we are looking for protein but what we are really looking for is calories. There’s a large amount of fat in an egg. It’s the fats in the egg that are getting you through the day. The eggs can feed viruses and get you sick later in your life by age 35-38. If they kept off the eggs, they could have avoided that. Don’t do eggs.

You need to feel satiated and you might see on the egg boxes, these eggs have omegas. When you cook the egg you destroy the omegas anyway. It’s the same thing with cheese. Cheese is on the rise again. Everybody is eating cheese again. It’s offered to women with PCOS, and cysts and tumours. Cheese grows cysts and tumours. So these protein sources will grow it. Your doctor says you have cancer, or Hashimotos, you do NOT NEED EGGS NOR CHEESE. If you hold a piece of cheese, you can feel the fat from cheese on your hand. My hand is now greasy. The reason why we eat cheese is because it is high in fat and we want the calories. The standard gov’t labelling is wrong. There is way more fat in cheese than what the labels indicate.

People can walk around feeling messed up. Milk is all about protein. This is a trouble maker. It causes diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, and all kinds of problems. It feeds every strep in the body. It feeds strep, acne, and SIBO. Proteins in milk feed all kinds of bugs. You can eat beef if you want. It doesn’t feed bugs. If you're plant based and eating nuts and seeds, that’s not going to feed bugs.

If you have these books, just try to read it.

If you're plant based you have to make sure that you're getting enough calories. Some protein powders have a lot of fats in them. Try not to go protein crazy. We will talk about what you can eat as a vegan or meat eater.

Everybody is getting enough protein, but are they getting enough of everything else, and that’s why we are getting sick. They may not be getting enough of the good proteins, but everyone is getting enough protein. Even if you're living on just fruits and veggies.You are getting enough protein, but you might not be getting enough calories.

Why do eggs hold me over the whole morning? Eggs create insulin resistance, hurt the liver, feeds bugs, causes lots of problems, but the fat is what holds you over longer. If you're only eating a piece of fruit in the morning, then that’s not enough calories. If you look at the calorie difference, that makes the difference. But if you're bringing in your celery juice every morning you're going to be held over a lot better.

Does the average man need 50 gm protein a day? No! Children need about 2 grams a day. It goes up to about 7-8 grams of protein a day for an adult. If you get more than 50 grams of protein a day, you're going to get liver disease, diabetes, brain diseases. Because you're getting too much protein and also too much fat. You are gong to get fatty liver and fatty brain. Your brain isn’t even made out of fat, despite what the trendy diets say.

If you eat spinach you're going to get more than 10 grams a day. But you need things that are inside spinach and fruits which you're not being told you need. You need things to save your life and protect you. LFC talks about whats in these foods so you can heal, and it’s not talking about protein because that is not what heals you.

What about hair loss on a vegan diet? First of all you like meat. I still say don’t eat eggs and dairy, but if you’re into eating meat, go ahead. But if you're always eating meat, you don’t want to eat a lot of it, also vegans not too many nuts and seeds. You want to lower the fats. If you're animal based you need to back down the meats to make room for the foods that are going to heal you. You can’t just have 3 leaves of spinach. You have to look at the spinach soup recipe. You take a whole bunch of spinach and blend it up with tomatoes. You do that so you stay strong.

You had hair loss as a vegan. If you lose hair now, that is from a year ago. It doesn’t mean what you were eating a year ago, it means what was happening a year ago. Did an event happen where you had a loss or break up. Hair will come out 8-9 months later. You're going to blame it on your vegan diet. For all the meat eaters that are losing their hair. 99% of America eats meat. That plant based 1% eats vegan, vegetarian and fish. I had people coming to me in droves losing hair and they were all eating meat.

Meat-eaters can also lose hair 10 months later and then go vegan and their hair comes back. I can’t tell you how many people went vegan and their nails and hair came back. It’s not protein from meat. It is protein from broccoli, spinach and celery that makes your hair grow back. So if people don’t have perspective and go back and forth because if you're chasing protein and other books that people are hanging their hats on, all of that goes back to when nobody knew what was going on and protein was all they could throw at them.

You have to have a quality protein. Spirulina is a quality protein. But what else is in there? It’s the carotenes, the blue colours, the pigments, The Vimergy Barley Grass Juice Powder is really high protein, but there’s no calories, so there’s no fat in here, so you're not going to feel satiated. It’s about the minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that are there.

Can fatty liver or liver damage be reversed? Yes! Absolutely! You reverse it by taking out eggs. Eggs create a fatty liver. One of the ways to heal a liver is to remove eggs. Doctors don’t always know when the liver is fatty. We are all walking around with fatty livers. It’s really important to realize that. Liver damage is reversible, but it’s not reversible if we have eggs, cheese and fats constantly going into the liver.

When you eat cheese, it goes into the intestinal tract and it goes up a highway of veins and goes up into the liver and clogs up the liver. Same when you eat eggs, they go right up into the liver and clog it up and cause it to become fatty. If you're vegan and you're doing lots of nuts and seeds, and lots of avocados, all that fat is going up into the liver and is going to create a sluggish liver.

Our livers come here with DDT, with heavy metals, saturated with toxins from our forefathers and our parents. Get the metals out, the pesticides out. Our livers are not perfect when we are born. What’s the answer? We already have fatty livers, most of us. We are like robots, being brain washed and we are eating more fat because of this brainwashing. Liver gets fattier, and then if you have a virus causing fatigue, then it feeds off of toxins and other poisons, and then you get scar tissue and now we have liver damage.

It’s okay if you're worried about protein a little bit. I’m not going to be able to stop it. There’s a protein obsession out there. It’s going to hit you all the time.

Somebody had a bad reaction to soy. Try lentils and sprouting is recommended. Don’t be afraid of lentils. They are really high in fibre. We are a society that is not used to fibre. If you start pounding lentils, you are going to have some gas. But more than that, it’s not about looking for protein. It’s about looking for calories, more fruit.

Too much fruit makes me fat and hungry. That’s a good one! Is it just fruit you're eating? Someone could be eating fruit, but also lots of avocados and nuts and seeds and olive oil, you’re getting a couple of fats in there. If you're doing too much fat, you're going to blame it on the fruit. Because you think that all the fats you're eating are just protein. How many meat eaters don’t even think about fats? They’re just eating their meat or avocados and thinking protein. It’s like a virus, like a protein virus that was placed upon our culture that has affected people so you just can’t see straight. I don’t know if you're eating all fruit and nothing else, then you better be drinking a ton of celery juice.

People over 65, what foods are best? Bring down the red meat for sure. 65 and over, red meat should not be happening. If you have a really strong liver, you can do animal proteins, because you can produce enough bile. If you're getting aches and pains, gout, lower meats, brain fogs, depression. What are good proteins for people over 65? The key is minimizing protein after 65.

Bring in some hemp and spinach, broccoli, nori, (really high in protein). Wrap a piece of celery and cucumber and tomatoes in a nori roll and a little avocado, and a little bit of millet or quinoa, there’s a lot of protein in that nori strip. Because there’s not a lot of fat, you may not feel satiated. You had enough protein, but did you have enough calories? Did you have enough mangoes, bananas, watermelon, I love watermelon. Read the LFC book and you learn about why you have to eat them and why they are so good. Did you get enough calories in other places, so when you just have your salad or nori roll, did you have enough calories and glucose for your muscles.

What about gaining strength for power lifting? I’m not a power lifting guy because I sit in my office and kill myself to write one word at a time. If you’re somebody who does a lot of power lifting and you feel like you don’t get enough strength from fruits and veggies, and you feel better when you eat meat, you are not getting enough calories. So whether you are an athlete, or at the workplace and have brain fog, you need more calories. That doesn’t mean you need to bring fats in or that you need to eat tons of meat. You need to up your calorie sources from other places. You have to get a lot more bananas, fruit, veggies, and celery juice.

Potatoes are critical for building muscles, amazing for building muscles. Think about potatoes verses high protein. If you're a vegan athlete, try not to think about protein so much. I know a lot of athletes, when they switch to potatoes and lower their protein, the muscles they growth is like nothing they’ve every seen. The protein in a potato is amazing for the body. If you find anti-potato propaganda, don’t buy into it. Potato kills viruses with the lysine that’s in the protein. Potatoes help you heal. Potatoes are amazing for athletes, for over 65 and for children. They have little bioactive compounds, not even known by science and research. It’s the other things in potatoes that are so healing. Get lots of celery for mineral salts for muscles.

You need to drink tons of celery juice to build muscles. Whether you're an athlete or a recovering from Lymes’ or from Chronic fatigue, you need to drink celery juice. You need to make sure you have those cluster salts from the celery juice. They are undiscovered yet by science. They go into the muscles and pull out lactic acid, they go into the blood and pull out poisons. You can also do a cucumber juice in it at another time. But straight celery juice to the core in the morning is where the magic happens. So when you're doing as much as you can when you're chronically ill, do celery juice. Calories are important too. When you're chronically ill you want to get enough calories into you; papayas, mangos, banana, pineapple, leafy greens.

When you're a body builder, you still might have a fatty liver. You might look really slim and feel great, and your liver could be going down, down, down. You have to get off the high fats. And you'll gain more strength power lifting by doing celery juice, Athletes need enough calories. You need about 20 dates a day, 16 bananas a day, a whole watermelon a day. Down that whole watermelon and you'll get your strength.

Some people’s practitioners say they need to go on meat to get better. That’s only due to accidentally or old propaganda out there. If you go to alternative medical schools everyone in there is chatting about protein. You go to traditional medical school same thing. The hospitals are full of people who have had plenty of protein in their life.

Your practitioner is telling you that because they don’t know, it’s not their fault they got handed down mis information. God bless them for helping people. Perhaps they have this fruit fear or protein fear themselves. Just know it’s not about whether you eat meat or not. They need to know why you're sick and which viruses are making you sick. It’s not about protein. They need to learn about the viruses and what’s making you sick. You need to know what’s wrong and do all the other things that will make you well. They are telling you they want to put you on a high fat diet when they say a meat or high protein diet. If they say they you can still stay vegan but we want you eating a lot more protein. No, they want you on a high fat diet. How many glasses of celery juice have you had in a month?

QUESTION: How can my husband build muscles without eggs, meat and whey protein powder?

Muscles only build with THREE THINGS!

  1. GLUCOSE Sugar has to enter the muscles cells for the muscles to build, whether it’s in a mango, tomato, tangerine, potato, sugar whether it’s in sweet potato or winter squash. Without it muscles can never be built. If you just ate meat with no fat you would waste away and die. It’s not about protein. Protein is not what keeps you alive and healthy.

  2. MINERAL SALTS: There has to be the right kind of mineral salts, not the kind you buy. It has to be mineral salts (celery juice, spinach) Mineral salts are actually what sustains a muscle cell so it doesn’t atrophy. If you're laying in bed 24/7 and your muscles atrophy. You know what happens to people who are bedridden and fed protein and fats, like they do in the hospiatls? They waste away. I’ve seen it. We get trapped in our belief systems. The minute I have a belief system, I do you guys a disservice, because it has to be the truth of what is wrong. Spirit won’t let me have a belief system. Minerals remove the waste toxins that get produced when the muscle is building. Also toxins that are pumping out of the liver while you are eating and cleansing. You have to get the book Liver Rescue. The mineral, cluster salts from the celery juice, they bind onto toxins and poisons and remove them from the muscles so the cells don’t atrophy. So when you see your relative lying in hospital and atrophying, what they need is glucose and mineral salts.

  3. USE: You have to use the muscle to build a muscle. How come there’s no protein in there? You have to use your muscle to build a muscle. You have to get the mineral salts in celery and spinach to build muscles. You have to get the glucose into the cells to build muscles. Protein has nothing at all to do with it. I’m not against it. I’m just telling you how it works.

  • I’m not against protein. Yes, grass-fed beef is a better quality of protein, but there are other things in these other foods which are the real reason why you are building muscles.

  • How much protein for children? Breast milk is about 2% protein, Breast milk highest fat ratio is about 4%. So for children it’s all about fruit and what was in breast milk. It’s minerals which build bones. Oranges have the kind of calcium that builds bones. The protein doesn’t make bones hard it’s calcium from the orange. So you're going to be told that the protein in milk is what you're children need. It’s not true. Your children need fruits and veggies. Avocado is like breast milk. It actually has similar ratios. You don’t need to feel rushed about getting your child on animal protein. Don’t be afraid if your child loves to have lots of apples, bananas and mangos.

  • Here’s the other thing, there is protein in fruits, and in everything. There’s protein in watermelon, apples and bananas. But you have to bring in these other foods that heal and develop their healthy livers and organs.

QUESTION: Why when I am on a plant-based diet and feel a bit better adding a bit of protein?

There’s a reason because they added a bit of calories. Those same people feel better when they are given permission to add 3 potatoes to their daily diet. When they eat a piece of meat, they get a bunch of fat calories and feel better. I get a lot of complaints from meat eaters. I’m not involved in the food war, but there’s a double standard. Meat eaters can have all the same problems and symptoms as vegans and it’s accepted. If vegans have those problems it’s because “They are not eating meat,” it’s not accepted.

QUESTION: What about protein powders that don’t have fat or carbs? You are going to need more calories in you. We are ending here.

Learn about how to heal by reading the books and keep on doing what you're doing. We are moving to instagram live shortly. Join us there! Love you guys!"

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