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Modern-day Americans deal with massive amounts of stress, and we fight a lot of personal battles. These battles do not just take place on foreign battlefields, where many severe problems develop from injuries and post-traumatic stresses, but come from daily living on Planet Stress:

  • Too much information

  • Not enough info

  • Too much stimulation

  • Not enough physical movement

  • Weight and aging problems

  • Confusion regarding health

  • Relationships

  • How to make money

  • Education

  • Dis-eases

  • Sleep issues

  • On and on - are you tired yet? I am.

We are continually searching for the truth and finding conflicting information from the experts, who do not agree with each other. We don't know who to trust. It's a jungle out there, and we are caught in the cross-fire in a battle for our lives. Especially in the area of what is healthy and what is not. What works and what does not.

Knowing the truth and the cause of dis-eases is half the solution or battle to healing. The other half is knowing what to do about it. Sounds simple but with so much convoluted information - what's a person to do to be sure?

I am grateful to Anthony William, The Medical Medium for being determined and even somewhat consumed by his passion to get the truth out to us. He often speaks of compassion and how it is a critical part of healing. He seems to me, to be the epitome of kindness.

When I first discovered Anthony William and learned the source of his information - a spirit who reveals health secrets since Anthony was four years old - I was annoyed. I have dedicated my life to find the truth and pass this truth on to others. I feel very compassionate about me mission. Why was Anthony given this gift, and not me? It took me a while to work through it.

Now I see the level of commitment Anthony gives, and understand he doesn't have a life. He is obsessed with the burden of getting this information to the masses, and I am grateful he does. In the meantime, I’m happy to say: I have a life. I love getting information to my circle of influence, but I take breaks. He can't. This spirit speaks to him non-stop.

Anthony, like the rest of us, is probably flawed. He seems to realize he has been chosen to be given this gift not because he is the smartest, or most enlightened one, but it is what it is. There seems to be something inside of Anthony that can hang in there for the long haul. He has a rough-edge that offends some people who are jealous of his information or it’s the same individuals who don’t believe in anything, even God – and love to find fault with everything. Anthony is standing the test of time, seems to handle the verbal attacks, and still get us the information we need to be able to heal. I am amazed the "dark forces" have not found a way to stop him. Even though he is divinely inspired, I pray for his safety.

The battle to heal is real, and Anthony knows it better than most. The more I study the information he reveals, the more compassionate I feel towards him and the more confidence I have to pass this information on to you. It’s the real deal info and so is he.

I'm in Alaska working with the Battle Dawgs. We are building cabins to house more veterans who come here to heal. They think they are coming for a fantastic wilderness experience (hunting, fishing, northern lights, fresh air, et cetera), and they are correct. But they soon learn sitting around the campfire and sharing their experiences with like-minded brothers and sisters, makes for the most significant healing. The greatest healing can come from something we call: Campfire Therapy.

The Battle to Heal is real. I invite you to follow this source for real healing. Expedite healing and learn how to feel wonderful again. For some of us, feeling wonderful may be for the first time. The message? You can heal. You deserve to heal. You were not meant to suffer like this. Don’t give up. Especially if you are a veteran (military or first responder). We need you.



PS Here's a bonus to expedite your wellness journey. Listen to this liberating talk:

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