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I only have one goal left on my Bucket List and it will always be there. It’s not one of those you cross off, you just remind yourself to keep doing it: SEE, THINK, FEEL and DO as Christ does. I have been on this path for many years and Father guided me to overcome the world and master the body, because He saw I was earnest about living this life being the best, I can be. He guided me to turn my back on the science of man and follow Him. He guided me to the Medical Medium, whose information helped me overcome the world, which guided me back to the 80-10-10 lifestyle to master the body. The only way to master the body is to SEE, THINK, FEEL AND DO as Christ does:

  1. SEE: I see myself as living a high standard of lifestyle – where I don’t eat anything that hurts me. Medicine and Science like to confuse us on the truth of what this really is, but true spirituality – having a relationship with our “higher power,” for me, that is Heavenly Father will cut out the quackery and bring the truth to light. Knowing the real-truth allows us to live happily, healthily, and without dis-ease. It involves a combination of things and not just food; but food is a big part of it. When medicine realized we believe that food is important, they got on board with their version of nutrition. None of them agree on anything, but they call it “science,” “research,” and “genetics”. The Medical Medium sums it up perfectly: “special interest groups and medical funding with strings attached; botched research; lobbyists; internal kickbacks; persuaded belief systems; private panels of influencers; health field payoffs; and trendy traps.” HA. Someday I’m going to memorize that because it so appropriately describes how I feel about “science”. BaaHumbug.

  2. THINK: When I think of WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANT FOOD as manna and draw closer to my Father. Mastering the body becomes a possibility. Will power doesn’t work for me. The punishment/reward system does not. The only thing that works is when I do it, FOR HIM. When I think of the life of Christ, I SEE that he was not shackled by his passions, especially for foods. He did not write recipe books – he just lived. He fasted for 40 days to become strong enough to overcome the world, and then did just that. I have now fasted only eleven days – but did it for Him and to do the same – to overcome the world and to master the body. I am on His path and His journey. I am one with Him. Now eating WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANT FOOD blesses my efforts. He does not ask me to do this, He only asks me to be the best I can be. But He guides me in all the little things of life. I love the quote from a Jewish Rabbi, “I’m glad to believe in a God who cares about what I eat.” And why wouldn’t God care about what we eat? Afterall, food sustains us and should make us strong – not destroy us.

  3. FEEL: How do I feel when I FAST? Closer to my Father in Heaven. I discover that I am a successful warrior of God. I am not imprisoned by the foods and so-called science this world has tried to sell me. I have overcome the lies from “science”. Millions of innocent victims have fallen because of these lies and were sold on un-foods that are not WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANT FOOD. To overcome the world, we do not have to fall prey to these agendas. I am not buying into the fake science of man.

  4. DO: I will always choose to follow my Father and not man. I will not eat their lies. Their lies destroy me and cause me to hurt, age, feel pain, fall victim to the world, and die a slow, painful death. Now that I know the truth, I cannot go back, nor deny it. I am grateful to be one of the few who know the truth. It is my job and mission to teach others – there is another way, so others can master their body and overcome the world. This pleases my Father in Heaven. While I am pleasing Him, I am privileged to live a powerful, healthy, and vibrant life. Today, before I break this fast at 4:00 pm (Sedro Woolley WA time zone), I am making a list of my goals to maintain and recover well – and not go back.


  1. REACHING A POINT OF BEING OVER-TIRED: Fervently pray to stay strong, so as not to give in to the weakness of the body. I fasted for 21 days, going without food. I can do anything, especially with Father’s help.

  2. ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE HUNGRY BY STAYING SO BUSY, YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO EAT UNTIL YOU ARE HANGRY: Pray for forgiveness for running faster than you are capable, and for the strength to Master the Body. Pray not to give in to the world’s temptation and for the strength to honor Him and the commitment and dedication to taking care of the wonderful body He gave you. Drink water until you can get to something healthy.

  3. NOT EXERCISING: Pray for strength and His assistance to go do what has to be done to keep the body He gave you; your Temple, in the peak of physical performance. To be able to finish out this life at the top of your game - His way. Remembering that everything you do is for Him.

  4. FAMILY/WORK OR PERSONAL DRAMA: Pray for the Angels to surround the ones you care for with protection and love, bringing peace to all. Do this for Him because of the love you feel for Him. This is worthwhile and the greatest thing you can do or give to these loved ones. It is the only way to influence them, as they see you live close to your Father in Heaven. Father loves them more than you can. They are your stewardships on this earth and because you are mastering the body, you have the energy and clarity of mind to love them as He does.

  5. FAIL TO PLAN TO HAVE WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANTS AVAILABLE: Pray each morning to put on the Armor of God and be prepared to face the day. There are ones who want to see you fail. But with the armor, their fiery darts of temptation, delusions, and lies, cannot get through. Be ready.

  6. TRAVELING – FAIL TO PLAN: Put on the Armor of God before each trip. Be prepared to face adversity. Have a backup plan – dates, some fruit – anything to get you over the hump or prayer. Drink lots of water.

  7. SOCIAL EVENTS: Be prepared. Put on the Armor of God. Pray in advance for power and strength to be strong. Do this for Him. Drink water.


  1. BREAKFAST – Dessert First: Dessert is a walk on the Beach or wherever I am In His world, to appreciate the beauty He created just for me to enjoy. See how much He loves me? I am anxious to live this day for Him. He asks so little. Then a mono-meal of WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC FRUIT or fresh plant juice. Or skip breakfast altogether. Food is insignificant to my worth and love for Him. I eat of His bounty – the manna He provides. WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANTS are His gifts.

  2. LUNCH – Workout/Exercise. Then, WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC FRUIT MEAL. Eat until satiated and full. I honor Him by keeping this body in the best physical condition to show my appreciation for His gift to me – this body. Not everyone is given such a body. It works and responds to good treatment at warp speed. I am blessed. Gratitude must be in my prayers every day. I’m in awe that He would give me this gift.

  3. DINNER – Walk/Stretch/Bounce, while watching or listening to something I love: BOWC, Medical Medium, Dr. Graham, or a Romantic Comedy. Then eat WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC FRUIT, topped off with a miracle salad of WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANTS.

I’ve spent thirty-years trying to life an 80-10-10 lifestyle and failed. Nothing I did could make it happen. I have very strong willpower and when I make my mind up to do or not to do something, I do it. But not this. The only way, or the missing element was to do for and with my Father in Heaven. I have a new attitude. I have a new lease on life. I can’t wait to see what happens when I live each day at the top of my game.

God Bless. I pray the angels will surround you and guide you towards health and wellness. I don’t want you to suffer any longer. Just think about an consider the possibility of who you might become or what good you might perform If you felt young and healthy again.


It’s a Jungle Out There

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