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Angels @ Renova

Many things have changed and happened since we last blogged together. The world lost many great people, and it seems many people have gone crazy. I've found it more difficult to find things to laugh about but watched a movie recently called, "GHOST TOWN," and laughed myself silly.

The message though did not fall on deaf ears and gave cause to consider a new idea. The souls who do not "move-on" don't stay on earth because "they" have unfinished business. They stay because someone they LOVE, who is alive, has unfinished business. That caused a whole new way of thinking because who wants to keep a loved one from going into the light?

The movie "said" that WE hold the spirits in limbo because we have something that needs to be completed regarding them. This led me to think more about The Medical Medium's (Anthony William's) information regarding calling upon Angels to help us.

I don't think anyone minds having some 'extraterrestrial' guidance from Angels, right? No matter what religion, it seems we all like to believe in Angels. Anthony talks about calling on different angels for different reasons. He says you have to speak out loud to them and be intentional about what help is needed.

For those of us who aren't sure which angel to call, there are 144,000 unknown angels who have no specific job except to help us. He said they aren't as busy because people don't know about them. Most people want to call on big well-known-guns so they are kept super busy. I've always been about the underdog, the little guy - so these unknown angels are my favorite go-to angels. I can keep ALL of them busy MOST of the time with personal concerns, family, friends, and of course, our country.

I don't mind sharing. In thinking about all this, I decided to SCAN all the angels. To ask the body which angel-force it would like to ask for help. I find this even more fun than asking which supplement the body needs, or which food, exercise, or medical treatment. An Angel beats out all those modalities, in my book. If you are interested in a miracle. Does anyone need a miracle today?

So try calling on some angels to be in your corner or the corner of the ones you love. Here are the ones The Medical Medium talks about. Calling on an Angel might be just a placebo effect but it sure is fun and makes me feel better. As if I'm never alone, and something amazing always happens.:

Download DOCX • 18KB

And by the way? There are also many human Angels at Renova. You should check them out. In the meantime, my friends

It's a Jungle Out There

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