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The Truth About Aging

Aging? Yikes. Thinking about aging, or anti-aging, can be a daunting, exciting, scary, yet unavoidable subject. When we are "young" in years - aging seems like a subject that only affects all the "old" wrinkled, over-weight, bloated people we see around us. I mean, what's the big deal? We certainly did not plan to ever look like that.

When I was in High School, the age of 30 seemed really old, and we often heard, "don't trust anyone over 30," never suspecting that we would someday be over 30. High School! What a time of life. A time when we were in our teens making decisions about the rest of our lives. We thought we knew everything, and the confidence we had made it appear as if this was a true statement.

The following picture is of my high school friends. Fifty years after graduation, we went on a trip to Maine and had a blast. We've lost many friends from that original first graduating class of Kempsville High School in 1970. However, this little band of angels is still kicking. Still happy, basically, still smiling, mostly, still sexy looking (we think), and still feeling like we are 16 years old. When in Maine, we also acted like we were still 16 years old. "What happens in Maine stays in Maine," we say with twinkles in our eyes. Mum's the word.

The Fonz had nothing on us! We were feeling fine and looking good in Maine.

Some of our buddies from the '70s aged well, some not so well, and some have gone on to their "great reward in Heaven." I lost Breck to his great-reward in 2006, and still miss him. I wonder if when we go to Heaven, we look 16 years old again, or the way we look when we cross over? Hmmm. But, here's the million-dollar question:

Why do some of us age well and some not-so-well?

You are about to discover there are reasons for this aging-phenomena, and the reasons have nothing to do with our DNA. What? How can I say that? Hang in here with me. I promise I know what I'm talking about ... and I also promise you will like what I have to say.

There is a billion-dollar industry cashing in on the subject of anti-aging. We buy all their potions and powders, and even have dangerous and invasive surgeries they claim will make us look and feel younger. Hollywood is an excellent example of people with all the money in the world, and spend it on attempting to stay younger looking. Hollywood has a great incentive to stay young for future movie-making jobs of course - but often these individuals are an example of surgeries gone wrong. We see that plastic surgery, even the so-called "best," can look really bad.

I like to say "everything helps, but nothing works". In other words, all these products do some good, but the end result - over time - is that we end up wearing on our faces and bodies - the results of a life well-lived or not-so-well-lived. If you smiled a lot, your "old" face will reflect a happy life. If you snarled a lot, your "old" face will reflect a lifetime of sadness. On the surface this brings up another question:

Is a Well-Lived Life Intentional (Habits) or Inherited (DNA)?

If you were raised in a happy home (mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally), eating healthy foods, and laughing a lot - your DNA would probably be above par - which would show on your "old" face. That said, it's been my experience working with hundreds of clients/patients - an exceptional happy childhood is rare.

We pick up traits, habits, and emotional scars passed down through our parents, grandparents, etc. All of these affect us but do they determine us? Nope. We get to determine how we live. We have a choice. We can't choose our experiences in general, but we can choose how we respond or react to those.

The good news is it is possible to slow down and reverse aging, because there is a true Fountain of Youth. And you don't have to buy anything or have surgery performed to benefit from this fountain. You have this magic wand in your possession right now, and it is ready, willing, and able to love you into health and wellness as soon as you give it permission. Interested? It's pretty simple, really. And you can start the magic of anti-aging ...

RIGHT NOW! Here's the "secret:"


How so?

The LIVER is the boss of us in every sense of the word. It constantly works hard to keep as safe and well ... even young. When we overwhelm it with adrenaline, toxic food, poisoned water, dirty air, and sad thoughts - it struggles to keep us alive. It does that by aging YOU to protect the heart, the brain, the blood, and the pancreas.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Have a private conversation with your LIVER.

  2. Apologize for your past ignorance and promise to join/partner with your LIVER to have its back.

  3. NOTE: Your LIVER has had your back since conception, now it's your turn to help.

  4. Acknowledge its presence and the great job it did so far in protecting you and keeping you alive.

  5. Promise to learn how to do better.

  6. Promise to do better.

  7. Understand and appreciate the fact that your LIVER has feelings, a brilliant brain, and a PLAN to keep you safe. It has it's own immune system.

  8. Part of being safe is staying healthy, and young.

  9. Pray for your LIVER.

What to do next? Follow through with your promises:

  1. Educate yourself.

  2. The BEST information can be found in books, recordings, Blogs, and articles by Anthony William, The Medical Medium: All Free.

  3. Work on repairing relationships - the most important one is your LIVER-Buddy.

  4. Listen to these ASAP. Your LIVER will thank you as you thank your LIVER and it will show in your face and on your body:


Don't do anything that might harm, hinder, or depress your LIVER. Everything you've read in the last two BLOGS: The Truth About Food and The Truth About Health - gives you all the information you need to be healthy and reverse aging.


  • Do not fast. Fasting hurts the LIVER. You've already depleted it of SUGARS, ADRENALINE, HAPPINESS, and ENERGY. It needs energy/sugar consistently now.

  • Practice getting better sleep, adequate rest and movement, pure air and water, happy thoughts, prayer and meditation, more fruits, less protein/fats.

  • Check out Ho'Oponopono - the Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer. Forgive everyone including yourself:


It's a Jungle Out There

Read all of Dr. Deb's "The Truth About ..." or come to The Renova Center and get coached into health. Start with a FULL BODY SCAN.


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