MEET the doc

Deb Wood, PhD, ND, is a national best selling author who brings to the reset-table years of wellness expertise through energy medicine.  She gently mentors and guides all to take responsibility for personal health and wellness.  Why?  "Because that's what works: Stop wasting your time, energy and money. Come see us, today." ~Deb
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Philosophy of RESET

Our philosophy is simple: Start with a Wellness Scan.  Why?  Wellness is a combination of everything and you are the best expert on "you."  You are the only one who knows the secrets of your health and wellness.  You hold the memories, the experiences, the truths of who you are and how you arrived where you are today.  We care about all your stories. Discover your hidden wisdom or internal body intelligence through combining TESLA energy science with NASA's biocommuniction - using galvanic skin response.  The FDA approved it and ZYTO developed the hand cradle.  We use it.  You benefit.  Win-Win. 

Qualifications of deb

  • Emphasis in Energy Medicine - 50 plus years

  • EVOX Certification 2014

  • Best Selling Author: Settling with Power-3 Steps to Master Life

  • Founded Renova Wellness Center 2011 & Studied with:

  •     Dr. Doug Graham - 80-10-10 Lifestyle

  •     Dr. Vincent J. Speckhart - Cancer/Energy Medicine

  •     Dr. Lambert T. Parker - Integrative Medicine

  •     T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

  • LaSalle University - PhD, ND, Cum Laude

  • St. Leo University - BS Criminology, Cum Laude 

  • Old Dominion University - Physical Education Major

  • Stephen Covey Facilitator & Public Speaker:

  •     First Things First

  •     Principle Centered Leadership

  •     7 Habits of Highly Effective People

  • Graduate of Life Sciences Institute - Nutrition & Fasting