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I don't know why Dr. Deb does what she does; giving of her time, energy, and money to us veterans; but I pray she never stops.  I've been trying to get medical help for over a year and am worse.  She spent several hours with my wife and me, and I'm feeling better already.  Seriously, I had no feeling in my toes.  Now I do.  My wife said I smiled twice since then.  I haven't smiled for several years.  I have hope again.

~LD (Navy)

This is cutting edge therapy.

BF - Battle Dawgs

Talkeetna, AK

I would be remiss if I did not tell you about my experience with Renova RESET.  In 2016 I fell off a 6-foot scaffold and broke my neck (C3) and fractured my back (sacrum). My ZYTO Scan revealed my body's preference for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and T-Zone Therapy.  I did what my body wanted and was running on the beach in 6-weeks. I did nothing else, except rest, healthy foods (whole, fresh, raw, ripe, organic, plant foods), and to this day I have no pain or repercussions from these injuries.  I'm not surprised, because I know my devices work, but I am shocked at how well they work.  I'm really grateful to my Father in Heaven for guiding me to recognize devices that really work.

The DOC Had a Great Fall

Norfolk, VA

My, getting better is something I believed would happen, but I really never considered it would come from holistic practices. I truly believed I had a degenerative brain injury that was going to put my lights out. To think I would come across something here that not only stopped the progression but I got better, much better is incredible. If people listen to these treatment modalities I did and some additional ones, we could change the entire face of these and other injuries...


I believe in the Evox. I believe that if it doesn't work it is because the person doesn't want to deal with and confront that issue. I like the fact it doesn't allow them to turn you into a crutch to bear their problems or dump their problems on you and expect you to fix them.

Resetting a Navy Seal

These guys are tough ...

I have noticed a subtle change in my underlying mood. I feel calmer and happier.  EVOX is a very interesting process. Thanks for sharing it with me. Everyone would benefit from the procedure.  I look forward to our next session.  Thanks.


Virginia Beach, VA

This is all great news. I'm so excited for what is to come. I look forward to coming to Renova everyday it resets me just walking in the door. I'm happy to have a great team and work family.


Virginia Beach, VA

I felt influenced or guided (?) to keep coming back to your wellness center.   You have made a huge difference for me and I think my 'life energy'.  The good energy of your staff and you... and the guidance you have provided me in getting well, your 'good energy'...   Your 'prescriptions' work!  And I like talking with you about life in general.



You have a wonderful friendly informative staff. Dr. Deb is obviously very knowledgeable, patient and thoughtful. I will be moving out of the area soon but continue to receive your service by remote. Thank you so much.

Tom Y


A 10 out of 10 experience.  

Jake Y


10 out of a 10 experience.  Thanks

Andrew S

Norfolk, VA

10 out of 10! Amazing.

Lynsea A

Newport News, VA

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