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This is Day Ten of fasting in Sedro Woolley WA with Dr. Doug Graham, author of 80-10-10. He is the “Walker of His Talk” and trainer/mentor of movie stars and professional athletes. I’m privileged to be learning at his feet. He is the epitome of the things he teaches and is a big softy. He is a wealth of information and the longer I fast, the better I am able to translate his wisdom. When I am toxic, it is much more difficult to grasp pearls of wisdom unless they are blunt and written for the first graders – one of the reasons I cannot understand is perhaps because I don’t want to hear.

What does that mean exactly? I know better and want to keep doing it. Once Dr. Graham lovingly said to me, “Don’t get between an addict and their addiction (food).” Addicts, even potato chip addicts, can be really mean when you try to stop them. I’ve actually never met anyone brave enough, strong enough, or dumb enough to try and take away my potato chips! Sad, huh?

So, one of the first benefits of fasting is to stop addictions:

  1. Alcohol

  2. Drugs

  3. Coffee

  4. Chocolate

  5. Potato Chips

  6. Protein

  7. Fats

  8. Cooked Foods

  9. Lack of Sleep

  10. Dis-eases

  11. Gambling

  12. Whatever you are addicted to – is one of the first things to go – isn’t that amazing?

I’ve heard that when you stop an addiction, you should fill in that empty spot with something else so it doesn’t come back. I still have 3 weeks to be here at Health and Fitness Retreat, so the next thing I’m going to bring into my life are Culinary skills: WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANTS GOURMET DISHES. Wonderful, tasty, delicate, appetizing, delectable, flavorful, luscious, pungent, savory, spicy, yummy, delicious, divine, flavorsome, flavory, full-flavored, good-tasting, heavenly, mellow, palatable, piquant, sapid, scrumptious, sweet, tasteful, zestful … oops.

Really good food, says the lady who hasn’t eaten in ten days.

Then, a week of Health and Fitness with Dr. Doug Graham and his other world class athletes – professional dancers (Pink Floyd), long distance runners (here training for a 100-mile run in Peru), rock-climbers from Australia/New Zealand, Olympic athletes, and movie stars trying to get and stay fit for new movies. I’ll try to blend and not drool. I’m a little nervous. It’s been many, many, many years since my gymnastics and beach-hand-balancing days, but I’m excited to get that girl back again. I know she’s still in there, pretty much screaming to get out!

The last three days of this Retreat will be a Life-style class to teach us how to put and keep all we’ve learned together.

I wish you could all be here with me enjoying this amazing life-saving, life-changing, and life-reset experience. You deserve to live healthy and happy. Don’t let any medical person tell you any different. Reset your lifestyle now, before it becomes chronic and before you end up a statistic in the money-making system of medical madness. If I sound a little cynical, I am. We’ve been hood-winked into thinking/believing that they have answers. They do. Finance 101 – how to make money. For only THEM to make money. Don’t be a statistic or a money producing asset for that world. Come to mine and find freedom from addictions.

Who loves ya baby? Me! Fasting turns on a lot of lights.


It’s a Jungle Out There

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