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When I was a little girl, my amazing Uncle Earl used to say: “You have big eyes and little feet.” For some reason, I cannot even fathom, this infuriated me. I would get SO MAD and he would laugh that wonderful laugh, that only he could do. So, there’s been a focus on my eyes and feet since the beginning of my time on Earth.

This fast has caused many wonderful reversals – especially FAT and AGING. I refuse to be FAT, but I don’t mind wrinkles – what difference would it make if I did? It is what it is and at age 67, there will be wrinkles. I actually find them beautiful. They say: “I’ve successfully transitioned through this life, so far.” What I have minded about this progression of years, is what was going on with my eyes and feet.

Don’t tell Uncle Earl I said this, but my eyes were always sparking and huge, and my feet were always petite and cute – then one day I looked up at my eyes and down at my feet and screamed. What the heck? I’m not having this situation. My feet were swollen and looked like troll-feet. They hurt all the time, especially first thing in the morning – I’m talking PAIN. And my eyes? Puffy, dark circles and SLOTS. They watered all the time and gunk was always forming in the corners. GROSS!

Now you may not know this, but Uncle Earl passed away a couple of years ago and frankly, I’m glad he wasn’t around to see how hideous I had become – in the eyes and feet department.

Anyway, after only two weeks of not eating, my feet are petite and cute again. My eyes are pain free, and gunk free. I wish I had taken a BEFORE picture, but you will just have to take my word for it. And the anti-aging? Have you noticed that when you age, you get puffy? Especially around your eyes. Like they begin to swell up to the point they look like slots. It happens so slowly that we barely notice, but all the same, our beautiful, sparkling, big eyes go away. It’s sad and really gross, if you think about it. But we all just think “it’s part of growing old.”

Well guess what – IT ISN’T. That puffiness is FAT and a warning that dis-eases are building inside of us. And we can reverse it. I just did. Uncle Earl, your baby girl, with the big eyes and little feet is back. And she’s happy about it.

Those are just a few of the benefits. And since this is DAY THREE of “refeeding,” yesterday I ate breakfast - a quarter piece of cantaloupe; lunch – a quarter piece of cantaloupe; and dinner – a quarter piece of cantaloupe. I’m still not hungry and love myself after losing those twenty pounds of DIS-EASE.

TODAY I will be given a little bit more cantaloupe/melon, but I don’t get any food until I can walk to the top of the driveway to the mailbox. I hope it’s still raining. Now that would be amazing.


It’s a Jungle Out There

Rest in Peace Dearest Uncle Earl

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