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Push the Reset Button

We SLAM DUNK (un)wellness with two game changes. FDA Class II Medical Approved Devices join forces to heal the brain and release the pain:

BEMER Therapy - is best known for its improved blood microcirculation known as the main road of health. You can improve your life in 16 minutes a day. BEMER therapy can enhance general blood flow providing food to the brain and bringing relief from pain. This enhances the body's nutrient and oxygen supply waste disposal, cardiac function, and physical fitness. The side-effects are endurance, strength and energy, concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction, relaxation, and better sleep. It can be said the BEMER represents ground breaking results for wellness.

ZYTO/EVOX Voice Mapping - Your perception has a powerful impact on your health and wellness. EVOX can be helpful when dealing with issues like: Repeated negative behavior; Weight problems; Addictions; Work; or athletic performance; Post traumatic stress; Relationship problems; or Chronic pain.

Be well ... it's more fun.

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