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Why do some people hold on to the Past?

And some people don't.

Why are some people afraid of dogs and others aren't?

Why do some people struggle with learning and others don't?

These are complex questions, but a large part of the answer to each is a difference in perception.

There are a lot of perceptions that keep us from reaching our maximum potential. The foundational recovery systems at Renova Recovery are two FDA Class II Medical Devices: One, Zyto/EVOX bio-communication system; and Two, Bemer, (Bio Electromagnetic Energy Regulation), a biophysical application that activates the body's own powers of self-healing.

The EVOX experience is a fast and pleasant way to reframe perceptions and change your life for the better. EVOX is a breakthrough technology that deals with "Perception Reframing" making life easier and better by reframing the subconscious reasons your experiences are triggers to your emotions and blockages to our physical healing.

What I love about EVOX is we don't have to relive the pain from the experience, or even figure out why it's there. We see from the scan that certain thoughts, people, foods, diseases, etc. are causing extreme reactions ... and then through the use of VOX (voice) you release this emotion and unblock the pain. Isn't that cool? It really is.

Healing doesn't have to be painful and pain doesn't have to continue.

Come see us soon.


PS We don't have to participate in the jungle ... we are affected by these things but with EVOX, we don't have to be determined by them. Break free and be happy.

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