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Breathing is About Oxygen, but Living is About Air

Of course breathing is urgent. Without breathing oxygen, we would die pretty quickly. But not living can cause us to die a little more everyday - slowly and painfully.

There are a lot of medical modalities in the world to keep us breathing, but what about living? I remember my sweetheart's struggle with cancer. The device we used to get rid of his melanoma - kept him alive for 7 years, way past the 3 months he was given by the medical world. He still had the CLL though and why didn't our miracle devices get rid of that?

We now know that if a person doesn't heal from the great treatments this world has to offer, there has to be an emotional reason preventing the healing.

We now have Zyto technology along with the EVOX system for searching out emotional blockages and then we can reframe or reset them ... in essence, removing them so healing can take place. But is healing (breathing) the greater answer? We have to stop the bleeding - that's a given but what about ... living? I've seen EVOX sessions help people get closer to living, as it removed the blockage so the other devices could work, and then living could take place.

Recently, I worked with a beautiful young mother of two, who had cancer everywhere and was given two months to live. I never met anyone who does more to be healthy - so why isn't she well? We searched out the emotional blockages keeping her from healing.

During our time together, she taught me that "living is better." She was grateful for all her healing modalities, but they were stealing her precious time of living. She often watches a video while going through the processes of healing: Her two boys laughing hysterically over Grandpa's jokes. It makes me smile thinking of it. This made living worthwhile.

She has a list on her phone: 9 things to do to heal. The first four of them were about food and water. The last 5 were about living. She explained that living is laughter, love, joy, walking on the beach, holding hands, being touched by our partner, falling asleep in a loved one's arms, purpose, having a mission, being with friends, holding a baby, watching a puppy play or a kitten chase a string, and just simply ... living.

I recall an article I read once. The reporter interviewed a young woman, dying of cancer. He asked her, "what's it like, being so young, and waking up each morning knowing you are dying?" She demurely smiled and said, "what's it like for you, waking up each morning and thinking you aren't?"

Sometimes, in a "clinic" we become so focused and sterile on healing the disease (illness) that we forget to talk about the dis-ease (the feelings that caused the disease). The Medical Medium has a FREE course called The Healing Path ( There are 18 lessons. The first 6 are about BREATHING basics: Fruit, Leafy Greens, Vegetables, Hydration, Sunshine, and Sleep; but the next 12 are about LIVING: Creativity, Purpose, Faith, Prayer, Support, Love, Compassion, Affirmations, Humor, Play, Movement, and Freedom.

So, "breathing" is about oxygen; but "living" is about AIR. Don't forget to give yourself some AIR today.

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