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When You Can't Reset ...

Let's face reality here ... sometimes life becomes so difficult, we forget about the RESET BUTTON, or we can't seem to reach it. Or we don't have the energy to hit it. We've all been there ... seems some more than others. Especially when you add handicaps to the equation. Such as, dis-ease, exhaustion, never taking time out, not sleeping, not eating right, and being confused about what's right or wrong eating, experiences with psychic vampires, karma, work, no work, chronic pain, jet-lag, emotional pain, fear, traumatic experiences, loss of a loved one, a break-up, overcoming an accident, or just pick one of life's many challenges on planet-stress. Sometimes it's difficult to even get out of bed. Sometimes it feels like "what's the use?"

Have you heard, "when you don't feel like praying ... that's when you really need to pray?" Or, "lose yourself in the service of others." Don't we have to "find ourselves" before we can lose ourselves. It can all be overwhelming - especially when we are in the middle of the rat-race.

What happens when we've ignored all the red-flags, blinking warning lights and plowed through thinking "I've got this?" Well - we get ambushed when really we just walked blindly into a trap.

What does the Renova Reset Team recommend when this point of "no return" is reached? DO any one or all of these FIVE game changers:

1. Take FIVE - and breathe. Stop what you're doing, freeze and cancel all thoughts.

2. If you are sitting - stand. If you are standing - sit. If you are running - walk. If you are walking - run. Do something different to interrupt the insanity.

3. Drink some water - insanity dehydrates.

4. Listen to some music, pray, or just notice the silence. (Shut out the noise)

5. Do you know about TAPPING? Google it and do it. You can do this on your own - FREE.

Then PUSH the RESET BUTTON. Make some changes. Learn new ways, build new brain pathways. Find your MOJO. And next time ... don't push yourself to the limits. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself a break. You'll find yourself then giving others a break. And the world becomes a little safer. A little more fun.

Twirl. Laugh. Smile. Let the force be with you. (It is with you - just take five to feel it.)

Now, push the RESET BUTTON and live.

Be Safe, Be Well, Be Happy.

It's a Jungle out There.

We've got your back - because we care.

The Renova Reset Team

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