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Wellness Wednesday : First Lighten Up


Beginning January 3rd, 2018, every Wednesday starting at noon until 10 PM, the Renova Center becomes "Wellness Wednesday."

Each week will offer different FREE introductory demonstrations and educational lectures involving the following featured rotating services:

  1. Lighten Up : 66-Day Weight Release (Reset Your Health)

  2. Zyto Wellness Scans

  3. EVOX Perception Changing Sessions

  4. The Four Causes of Disease (Medical Medium)

  5. Healthy Foods : Manna

  6. Water Wisdom : Watt-Ahh

  7. Bemer Therapy

  8. Float Therapy (R.E.S.T.)

  9. PEMFT (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy)

  10. Fitness Norfolk

  11. InBody720 Body Composition Analysis

  12. The ROM 4-Minute Exercise Workout

  13. YOGA Demonstration

  14. Music and Art Therapy

  15. Acupuncture

  16. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  17. Chiropractic Therapy

  18. Massage Therapy

  19. Foot and Face SPAS

  20. and more

See calendar for scheduled events;

or call 757.622.1919 to learn more

1. LIGHTEN UP : 66-Day Weight Release

"Lighten Up" is the new 66-day transformation program launching January 3rd, 2018, at The Renova Center. It involves the release of weight, aging, disease, stress, depression, the past, pain, trauma and more. Release, then reset to lighten up.

When my lovely daughter was around ten years old, she was always very serious. It annoyed her when I suggested that she "lighten up." Now, she believes this is good advice for those of us wanting to lose weight and smile more. So, lighten up in all areas of life.


Stay tuned for #2 of Wellness Wednesday Education ...

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