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Wellness Wednesdays ROCK

Since the Fitness Norfolk, Your Neighborhood Gym opened, we have been having so much fun and want you to join us. So, from 10AM to 6PM, on Wednesdays, you can just SHOW UP and join in the fun. Take a tour of all the cool stuff we do to help you heal ...

1. We laugh a lot

2. We smile even more

3. We might even do some dancing

4. Come and Learn how to push your RESET BUTTON

5. Oh yeah - every Wednesday we give away free stuff, like services

6. You just never know how crazy we might be ...

7. So SHOW UP and JOIN IN the fun.

AND, get this: Dr. Bev Orr is now with us FULL TIME, and she and Nick Baggett (President of the Veteran Wellness Center) have set up a recording studio. So don't be surprised if they ask you to be on our radio station.

Check out this newest testimonial:

“I didn’t believe in what you were telling me. It sounded too good to be true and besides, I’m a veteran with severe PTSD. We don’t trust anyone. But after only one session with the ZYTO/EVOX Transgenerational chart scan, I noticed as the days passed, I had more clarity in my life and mind. I still don’t understand what just happened—but I love it. Thank you.” ~ M.D. – Norfolk, VA

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