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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday at The Renova Center: Ask about our LIGHTEN UP program. Learn how to release weight, aging, pain, PTSD and more. We are talking real transformation stuff here.

We are pretty excited because Wellness Wednesdays are so DANG fun. Every week, we give away something for FREE to everyone who shows up, whether you are new or not new.

AND this week we are giving away a FREE Bemer session to everyone who shows up. Come in - no appointment necessary and find out about our serious healing modalities. Check out this video to see why a BEMER session might be important to you:

Each time you come to a Wellness Wednesday - throw your card in the Float Norfolk hat for a monthly drawing chance to win a FREE 1 hour Float. Don't you just love FREE STUFF? We do.

See you tomorrow. I can't wait to see what is FREE next week. I hope you win the FLOAT.

Drive carefully - be safe, be well, be happy - it's a jungle out there.

Dr. Deb


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