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The Renova Center theme for 2018 is HOPE.

We cannot think of a better word than hope for describing an antidote for suicide, and that is why we took on the daunting task of writing about this horrific epidemic.

Our research and task to write "a" book to help lower the numbers of suicide turned into four volumes called: "The Truth About Suicide." These four volumes predominately focus on veteran suicide, because we work closely with this distinguished group of men and women, and the numbers of daily deaths have risen from 22 to 40 plus. We also work with our very noble and amazing First Responders whose numbers are also on the rise. What the PHO?

Through our mission to make a difference, we learned Teen Suicide is also on the rise. Our research in the trenches reveals the underlying causes (ingredients) are the same for every group--age, ethnicity, religion, et cetera--there isn't just one answer, but the ingredients are varied but similar.

In Volume One we addressed suicide as a metaphor for baking the suicide-cake. This metaphor was used by one of our veterans who tried to end his life but failed. Now he is a formidable force for suicide prevention. What are the ingredients in this recipe? We discussed the antidote. Volume One is a book about talking ourselves or others off the ledge. The "ledge" is a metaphor for thinking about or planning the act of suicide.

Volume Two, available this summer--is simply called HOPE. We can't think of a better title or a better theme for living in America-the-beautiful. If you have been touched by this epidemic or have considered suicide, yourself, please send us your story. What kept you from jumping? Tell us about your hope to stay off the ledge, and live?

We love you. At The Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads and all businesses found at The Renova Center--we are all about caring for you. Come and see for yourself. The best day to drop by is Wellness Wednesday--when we are always giving away something FREE, some treatment or modality found in our building. There's always something to learn--FREE classes on health, nutrition, weight-loss, anti-aging tips, and general LIGHTEN UP stuff. The practitioners make themselves available to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

Please join us. Make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Turn hopelessness into hope. Your sharing your story may help someone else. You never know who you touch and how precious your life is until you see the difference it makes in the lives of others.


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