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Meet and Greet

At Renova Reset, we have one day a week where we MEET AND GREET new and old friends. A day when we have lots of fun by learning how to release stress, dis-ease, and even weight. A time to relax, and learn something about your marvelous best friend - your body.

Lighten-up on WELLNESS WEDNESDAY, when there is always something FREE taking place at the Renova Center in beautiful downtown Norfolk. A time when all the wellness-practitioners in the building want to meet and greet YOU .

If you have questions about nutrition, dis-ease, emotions, inflammation, imbalances, stubborn weight, emotional triggers, or general wellness questions - Wellness Wednesday is the day you can find answers - FREE.

Yesterday at Wellness Wednesday, we gave away FREE Zyto Scans revealing Preferred Foods. Biocommunication with your cells reveals the foods your body prefers to claim balance. Did you know the number one food your body prefers is your biggest hint to identifying and resolving your core health issue?

For instance, if your body prefers APPLES - it is looking for SUPPORT in the following areas:

"Never underestimate the power of an apple. This fruit’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a top pick when you’re faced with practically any illness.

If you have any of the following symptoms, try bringing apples into your life: Ringing or buzzing in the ears, diabetic neuropathy, dizzy spells, room spins, balance and equilibrium issues, heart palpitations, acid reflux, hypoglycemia and other blood sugar imbalances, mineral deficiencies, body odor, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, rib pain, fatigue, bloating, gas, constipation, nervousness, anxiousness, frozen shoulder, weight gain, back pain, blurry eyes, brain fog, body pain, confusion, ear pain, body stiffness, brain inflammation, dandruff, menopause symptoms."

William, Anthony. Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables (p. 49). Hay House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Or maybe at this time, your body prefers APRICOTS:

"The apricot is an amazing food for rejuvenation. It’s high in amino acids such as cysteine and glutamine, as well as minerals such as selenium and magnesium in their most bioactive forms. The fruit is also loaded with more than 40 trace minerals, some of which are bonded to each other as cofactor trace minerals, creating bioactive natural alloys that science has yet to uncover. Apricots have phytochemical compounds that attach and bind themselves to chemical molecules such as DDT deep within the body, lowering the risk of many cancers."

William, Anthony. Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods: Save Yourself and the Ones You Love with the Hidden Healing Powers of Fruits & Vegetables (p. 52). Hay House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

Whatever foods your body prefers is key to resolving your health and wellness issues.

Come and join us on the next Wellness Wednesday to be enlightened about the pursuit of wellness and learn how to lighten-up in weight, stress, aging, et cetera. Next Wellness Wednesday's "freebie" is a REIKI energy massage experience - a Japanese wellness technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes wellness.

And Wellness Wednesday is always an opportunity for you to ASK THE WELLNESS DOCS - your personal wellness questions. Wellness Wednesday is our most favorite day of the week. We know it will soon become yours.


Be Happy - Be Safe - Be Well - It's a Jungle Out There

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