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Day 2 and feeling amazingly LIGHT hearted.

Possibly a little weight has lightened-up as well, but our scale battery is dead! Dang it. We have to go find a little round battery in order to check our weights. It's on the grocery list.

After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, yesterday, Lynne decided to spend the next six days on a juice-diet - plus our Zyto Scans recommended this plan.

Yesterday was fun. We had Game-Night at my publisher's house and played cards. Don't tell my Mom or daughters. I don't like games, but actually enjoyed myself last night. I decided I won. Not everyone agreed. I told them to "lighten-up!"


Vitamins - Global Healing Center VeganSafe B-12

Good State Ionic Zinc

Zyto Scan for Imbalances

Menu - Breakfast (all organic produce) - 16 ounces

Celery Juice

Beet - 1 plus greens

Apples - 2

Kale - 3 leaves

Parsley - 1 bunch

Ginger - 2 inch piece

Lunch - Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

Dinner - Spinach Soup

Snacks - SUJA ORGANIC Green Drinks

Since we have Church today and Battle Dawgs event tonight, we are carrying SUJA ORGANIC green drinks as a back up plan.


1. NEVER GET HUNGRY, is our battle cry so we don't fail.

2. The MORE FRUIT YOU EAT, the more weight you will lose.


The PocketGym - Personal Trainer and Fantastic Faces (12-minute workout)


Secrets to Weight Loss Teleseminar-3/18/2015


“In this free webinar, I will be sharing the secrets to lasting weight loss, direct from Spirit. I will share why you are still gaining weight, or aren’t able to lose it, even when you are trying to eat well and exercise. These secrets are not the ones you usually hear. They are different to the trends and fads in weight loss today. It’s not always about eating less and exercising more. There’s a reason why what you’re doing isn’t working, and in this webinar I will give you the insights to help you finally lose weight.”

We really don’t know what causes us to gain weight. Eating too many cakes and cookies is not necessarily the reason; there are people who can eat whatever they want and don’t gain weight. Some eat great diets and exercise up to seven days a week and still can’t lose weight. Some can’t exercise due to injury or illness. Women have a harder time than men for the most part. There’s a big difference between men and women.

There is an issue somewhere in the body. Thyroid can create some sort of madness when it comes to weight gain and weight loss. But it’s more than that. It’s the liver. It’s fatty liver. There are millions worldwide with undiagnosed fatty liver. The current tests can’t detect this for a very long time. It takes years to create this. Many recall the ease of losing weight when they were young. The liver takes years of abuse and it compounds into a problem. Congested, sluggish, fatty livers are lazy and don’t want to perform or can’t perform since they are clogged up. Some have aches in certain places due to their liver crying out for help.

Most of the time, the liver is quiet but the disorder grows over time and catches us mostly in our mid to late thirties. How does it go wrong? It loses its glucose storage. This is why people struggle with weight. Everyone can lose the weight once you take care of your liver. Even with adrenal or thyroid issues. The liver is the centerpiece.

Glucose (sugar). Processed cane sugar and bad carbs are not good. Over the years, we lose this precious vital glucose storage right out of our liver. It depletes and gets exhausted. The liver bank is empty. Many people lose their glucose storage in the teens, twenties or thirties. Menopause gets blamed but it’s guilt by association. If your liver is maxed out during a thyroid issue, you will blame the thyroid. There could be PCOS and weight gain, but it’s mainly the liver because there are plenty of women without PCOS without weight issues. There is not enough information out there to give us clarity and lead us to restoring the glucose in our liver so we can lose weight.

With fatty liver, the glycogen reserve is at zero. There are fatty livers not yet to this extreme. How does the liver get like this?

We run our adrenals too much early in our lives; not eating right and taking care of ourselves. It can be noble to put others before ourselves, but we will run our adrenals. We will get addicted to bad foods and coffee. Our liver then spends its sugar reserves to protect us. Every thought and function and muscle building and ability to speak is because of sugar. Sugar runs the show. The brain and every electrical system runs on sugar. The liver’s storage bank saves us. The liver takes the heat. Then the body builds fat around the liver and weight gain occurs. So we have to help restore the liver.

The thyroid can play a role, but lots of hypothyroid people don’t have weight gain issues. Having a thyroid + liver issue + adrenal issue + not eating well = weight gain. All can be fixed.

The person exercising 7 days a week, eating protein and vegetables (supposedly well, but a ketogenic diet). The body is looking to use fat storage as fuel. It’s an empty trick. You only get one or two chances to lose weight this way. You will lose weight because the body freaks out, radically pulls fat out of hiding and uses it as fuel because you have pulled all the carbs out of your diet. There is a price to pay. You can regain or you get really exhausted. It’s a trendy fad packaged in many different diets today. The body will only tolerate this ketogenic diet once or twice because it is not healthy.

You have to graze and minimize animal protein. You can’t get hung up on that protein myth. The animal proteins come with animal fat. You can’t get a fatty liver from sugar or fruit. You get fatty liver from eating fat. Once or twice a day for animal protein. Some only once a week. Fruit is literally the answer to losing weight. The more fruit you eat, the more weight you lose. The carbohydrates (whole different make-up) in dairy is off the chart. Lower the animal fats. The liver will start getting softer and more pliable. It will release fat and in turn pull in glucose. Slow metabolisms are not from the endocrine system, it’s the liver.

Appetite suppression: Most of these issues are based on mineral deficiency. Foods replenish minerals. Raspberries, wild blueberries, spinach. You eat more spinach and you’ll be less hungry. Cilantro, celery. It’s the critical micro trace minerals. You end up sugar binging when you are extra hungry. Kiwi’s These are top 5 weight loss. Cucumber (mineral salts). Grapefruit.

Swelling/Edema. Common for women-more fluid retention than we know. 40 lbs of fluid retention in a 280 lbs person. This is due to a fatty liver. The lymphatic system gets so sluggish that you take on fluid and you retain fluid deep inside the body.

PCOS is something a lot of women are dealing with and may also have a weight issue. Equal numbers without weight issue. So take care of the liver. With PCOS, keep eggs, canola and dairy out of the diet-critical. Eventually the cysts will go away.

How can we get glucose without getting diabetes/pre-diabetes? Diabetes is once again from a fatty liver. When it becomes dysfunctional, the pancreas takes the hit. Lower the fat and you’ll be able to take on healthy fruit. All those listed above plus melon and mangoes. Eliminate canola-it hurts the liver and throws diabetics over the edge. Safflower, cottonseed, peanut, canola, lard-avoid these bad fats and fried food. Sweet potatoes are an incredible food for a diabetic or one trying to lose weight.

If you can’t exercise due to injury, stroke, arthritis, there are still options. Some may have achy backs or knees. Pocket Gym for ten minutes a day is a gentle resistance exercise that can help you lose weight. Heavy cardio is not necessarily good for losing weight if your diet isn’t supporting the glucose/healthy carb needs. Grains aren’t the healthiest carbs. Quinoa or millet are okay. Bring in fruit. Grains break down differently and don’t give the glucose we need. Need high potassium, high sugar fruits and vegetables. High sodium, mineral salt from celery, cucumber, lemon, grapefruit. It will protect from injury and help muscles recover. The bouncing chair is great for stroke, really bad arthritis (using cane or walking stick) to help you burn calories.

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