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Lighten-Up for Life (Day 4)

"Life can only be understood backwards. Unfortunately, it must be lived forward." ... Kierkegaard

Yesterday, Day 3 was rough. Know there will be tough days in your transformation journey.

When we "lighten up," our attitudes change as years of stored toxins are released. Those toxins include fat, water retention, dis-eases, aging, deficiencies, and feelings. Memories are stored in our organs and muscles, as well as in our hearts and minds. The release of these feelings can be uncomfortable. We may feel tired, melancholy, achy, reflective, and sad. True detoxing can even be painful. You need a buddy.

In order to become a transformation, Lighten-Up produces a release in all areas of the body's past existence. It's not just about releasing fat. It involves releases in all areas of life: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social.

Why social? Because similar to how a person working on releasing an alcohol addiction must avoid the places where he/she used to party with old friends - in order not to be tempted to drink, so must we who adore our drug of choice: Food. Stay away from our favorite restaurants and foodie-buddies. For a while. Your transformation will impress them. You will become a Mentor.

That's why, for Lynne, being in Alaska and working on her 33-day transformation here - is easier than being in Virginia, because it is away from her kitchen, and old habits. Even family and friends, who encourage and support us - can add to the continuation of old patterns. A break-with old patterns is part of the recipe for success in making lifestyle changes.


Day 3 hit like a ton of bricks. The weather didn't help. A snowstorm came, bringing about a beautiful winter wonderland, but also an overcast sky. We were homebound for most of the day. Being in our tiny place doesn't take long to experience cabin-fever.

Fortunately, we are both completely committed to making this work and had removed all foods that might tempt us. We had prepared backup juice storage, early in the morning, and found this to be most advantageous. We didn't fall back. The scale numbers evidencing weight loss inspired us. We didn't want to add on a pound. We like the daily look and feel of Lighten-Up.

For those of you who are joining us - fear not of setbacks. They will come. It's part of the process of releasing the old, harmful dis-eases of the past, allowing the transformation of you. The juice helps soften these moments of release. Drinking all living food inspires, motivates, and brings life force into you. Just know there will be moments. Be grateful for them as pain is just dis-ease removing itself. Especially feelings and memories.

When the detox is severe, do something nice for yourself. Listen to beautiful music. Look at a picture book of waterfalls, mountains, streams, and nature. Disconnect from electronics. Meditate. Take a bubble bath, a time-out. Lighten-up your world. Put on a happy face. Rest.

Transformation is about lightening up for life.


The schedule for success is three-fold:

1. We eat every hour to two hours - good stuff. (Basically 5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks)

2. We exercise three times a day, just before the three big meals.

3. In between, we nap or rest while we are being educated.


Organs, neurotransmitters, viruses, emotions, et cetera, are looking more balanced. The scan shows a lighten-up process is going on, well.


Another pound melted off.


1. Celery

2. Celery + Lemon

3. Celery + Pear

4. Pear


PocketGym and Fantastic Faces




Fur Rondy Carnival and Snow-Sculptures Downtown Anchorage.

LIGHTEN-UP: Be Safe. Be Well. Be Happy.

It's a Jungle Out There.

Love: Deb and Lynne - lighter in so many ways.

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