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LIGHTEN-UP Secrets - Day 5

Are there secrets to weight loss, anti-aging, healing, and being happy? For some of us, it would seem there are secrets because we watch others being successful in these areas, while we may struggle.

Nick Baggett, President of The Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads and I just published Volume One of "The Truth About Suicide." It was delivered to Renova on Monday and can be purchased on Doing the research, interviewing the veterans and learning as we went along, convinced us there are secrets to living well. Eating poorly is not living well, and we are committing suicide with each toxic choice we make - especially regarding food.

There are secrets to LIGHTEN-UP, and living well for life. They are:

1. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE: Since hydration is key to releasing weight, make sure you use the purest water you can find. At Renova, we use WATT-AHH: Water for the brain. Our toxic world is doing a number on our wellness.

Even our cells have taken a beating. If we could see them, we would see they are not plump and round - they are shriveled and misshapen. Drinking a lot of water does little good unless the water molecules can get into the cells. The scientific technology behind WATT-AHH allows the water molecules to enter the cells and hydrate the body.

For years, I forced myself to drink a gallon of water a day, but still easily became dehydrated. What the PHO? The first time I drank WATT-AHH, I felt clarity of mind. Seriously! It was amazing. Plus I only needed to drink a liter to be hydrated.

The InBody 720 (found in measures hydration levels and confirmed one liter a day was doing the trick.

If you want to be successful at weight loss - drink your water. You can add lemon or lime to further your detoxing from the toxicity of living on planet stress. Drink WATT-AHH - it does your body good. (BTW - Renova is NOT a distributor of WATT-AHH ( - we just love the results of drinking it.)

Plus fruits and vegetables are full of their own perfect form of water. The more raw fruits and vegetables you eat - the more hydrated you become, releasing fat, aging, et cetera.

2. THE MORE FRUIT YOU EAT, THE MORE WEIGHT YOU WILL LOSE. Fruit will also slow down and even reverse the aging process. Getting glucose to the brain will bring about happy feelings, the release of sadness and depression, along with the desire to eat poorly.

Eating fruit will tone your muscles and reverse dis-eases. Learn about "The Healing Power of Fruit," by Anthony William, The Medical Medium. Watch:

You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly fruit can help you release fat, dis-ease, aging, depression, and stress.

3. DON'T GO HUNGRY. HAVE PLENTY HEALTHY SNACKS ON HAND: Dates, figs, apples, celery sticks, oranges, bananas, and sprouted seeds, are all easy to carry and can be life-savers. Plan out your meals in advance. Have the food on hand. If you do feel hungry, drinking water with lemon can help buy some time until you can return to your safe kitchen.

4. SLEEP, REST, MOVE: For everything, there is a season or time.

As you are releasing toxic matter (food, memories, and thoughts) from your life, you will need more rest. Most of us have wellness issues because of fatty livers. The majority of healing takes place while we sleep.

The best time to achieve this healing sleep is from 10:00 PM until 2:00 AM. Even if you cannot sleep during these times, close your eyes and relax. Relaxing to calming music, in the complete dark helps. Try a warm bath before bed. Turn off electronics. Unplug from stimulants.

The flip side of sleeping and resting is moving. Lighten up in the gym, lighter weights, more reps. More cardio. Find a gym that has the ZERO IMPACT RUNNING machines. (Yes, Fitness Norfolk has two!).

Try the Pocket Gym ( It's simple, relaxing, and can be done in your home, workplace or on a long flight.

We've heard how sitting is the new smoking. Moving will allow the release of toxic materials more quickly, leaving you with a feeling of euphoria and the determination to continue. Your goal is to tone the muscles as the fat is released. Yoga can do that as well.

5. FIND PURPOSE AND WORK WITH A BUDDY: We are social creatures who want to help others. We crave purpose and making a difference.

When you set goals to change lifestyle patterns, finding a like-minded buddy who helps you maintain accountability, cheers your successes, and softens your failures - is a great advantage to your ultimate success.

Helping your buddy reach their goals, fulfills our human need to contribute and lose ourselves in the service of another.

Dag Hammarskjold said, "It is more noble to give yourself completely to one individual than to labor diligently for the salvation of the masses."

6. LIGHTEN-UP ON YOURSELF, BUT STICK TO YOUR GUNS. The goal of LIGHTEN-UP is to make permanent lifestyle changes, not flip-flopping diets. To start - doing a juice fast for a few days is fun because you see the pounds fall off quickly. But long term, you have to have a love affair with foods that love you back.

Educate yourself with truth and not guesses. Don't allow others to practice on you. Think Real Deal. Check out this article:

7. CHEAT! GET A ZYTO WELLNESS SCAN. Get direct answers to your wellness questions. The best way to do this would be to track down Anthony William, the Medical Medium and get a health scan, but he isn't able to see all of us.

The next best scan is to do a simple ZYTO galvanic skin response scan. This scan can help inform your wellness decisions by providing accurate readings directly from your body. This wellness scan will reveal your imbalances - straight from your horse's mouth: your cells. There's no guesswork here.

You can know what foods, services, exercises, supplements and affirmations your body prefers, and why. Find a practitioner near you or call Float Norfolk to schedule your scan appointment with Renova Reset: 757.452.3939


1. Lynne and I, each lost another pound.

2. We feel great.

3. The MENU today is simple. Celery Juice. Watermelon Juice. Green Drink (Kale, coconut water, apple, beet, and ginger), plus juicing the fruits and vegetables we have left. We are going grocery shopping this afternoon. Note: Add some ginger to whatever you are juicing and you have hearty, healthy and great tasting meals.


5. EXERCISE: The Pocket Gym.

6. FUN: We didn't make it to the Snow Sculptures downtown Anchorage yesterday. We will today.

Be Well. Be Safe. Be Happy.

It's a Jungle Out There.

Deb & Lynne - Lighter in every way.

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