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LIGHTEN UP DAY 9 - Shake it Off

Today is Day 8 of our Lighten Up 33 Day Alaska Transformation. Yesterday was very busy. We had packed juices and raw snacks in order to stay on point but the Iditarod events, the excitement, being outside most of the day, not able to reach our stash located in the car away from where we needed to be with our Battle Dawgs ... plus being a little dehydrated, we ate some of the food being served to everyone: Taco Salad. It was bitter-sweet.

We returned home to our tiny condo in Anchorage - ecstatic over watching and participating in the Iditarod for the first time - but feeling a little sad from having "messed up." It would have been easy to beat ourselves up, but our program is about "lighten up" in every way.

Our conversation and encouragement to each other? "Shake it Off." Today is a new day with even more events than yesterday, as the race officially begins in Willow, AK.

The Plan to "Lighten-Up" today comes from a conversation I had with Dr. Doug Graham in Costa Rico when I asked him how he stayed raw for all these years: "I take it one meal at a time."

In other words, he didn't look at the big picture, by saying things like the rest of us tend to think: "I'll never be able to eat pizza again for the rest of my life." It's more about: "For this meal, I will eat the foods that love me back."

In the beginning, to get over the bumps of food addictions, eating for comfort and eating with mindfulness vs. mindlessness, it's best to say, "for this meal, at this time, I will follow my 33 day transformation plan." This has worked for Dr. Doug for over 40 years, and he is the picture of health. (

So, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a puff of smoke - a dream, and today we are excited about our healthy choices of right now, in the moment. Today's plan is to pack lots of water, and snacks in a small pack that stays with us.


AM – Water with Barley Grass Juice Powder (to help eliminate yesterday's choices) + Zinc & B12 Breakfast – Celery Juice (eat at home before we leave) Mid-AM – Cucumber juice with parsley, and ginger

Lunch: Bananas, apples, dates with celery sticks (easy to pack) Mid-PM – Coconut water with spirulina; grapes with celery sticks Dinner –Salad with tomatoes and whatever is left over from today's packed snacked. Dressing is 1/2 avocado, aloe vera juice and garlic (made this morning) PM – Apple and dates and celery sticks


The Healing Path Module 8 - The Truth About Purpose


Stretching: See Sun Salutation

Walking from the car to the Iditarod and standing in the cold for 3 hours.

Fantastic Faces (

Today is Sunday. What better day to "shake it off" and forgive ourselves for not making the best choices we could have made, yesterday? Today is a new day. And for today, we will continue to have fun with our transformation to lighten up - in all ways.

Be Well, Be Safe. Be Happy. Lighten Up


Lynne & Deb Lighter in Every Way

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