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LIGHTEN UP Day 11 - The Power of Prayer

Yesterday was so much fun. We took a break and stayed home most of the day to pack for NOME. We bought some "gnome-clothes" for Nome. Raquel Jacobs came for dinner. Our Iditarod adventure and transformation continues.

Sending a prayer of protection to Rick Casillo and his canine team out there in the cold Alaska wilderness. Also, sending prayers to all the 67 mushers and teams. There are 17 women mushers this year. One is 62 years old. She looks amazing.

Today, our EDUCATION lesson from The Healing Path is Module 10 - The Power of Prayer (

Forty (40) years ago, I began experimenting and studying energy medicine. I was working with an amazing instrument called SE5-1000. Using this device allowed me to measure the frequency or energetic level of virtually anything: Food, a rock, a person, et cetera and I was having a blast with it.

One day I measured my plate full of healthy food reading a very high energy level. Then I got the bright idea to say a prayer of gratitude for my food and measure it again. The energy level was tripled from before the prayer. I did this little experiment over and over just for the knowledge and pleasure of it. Each time the level was much higher than before the prayer.

I learned an important lesson that day. We've always been told to pray over our food before we eat and I thought it was only about gratitude and discipline, and there's nothing wrong with either one of those reasons. But it's much more than that. For some unknown reason, our Higher Power (my Father in Heaven) loves us, unconditionally. He gives us "advice" so that we can be healthy, safe and happy: Not just on a spiritual level, but also on a physical, mental and emotional level. How cool is that? Very.

MENU for today: Leftovers from yesterday. How easy is that? Simple.

EXERCISES: and Fantastic Faces. How fun is that? Crucial.

EDUCATION: Module #10 - The Power of Prayer. How great is that? More than we know.

Be Well. Be Safe. Be Happy.

Say a prayer for the safety and wisdom of our Warriors and leaders.


Lynne & Deb

Getting lighter and lighter!

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