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LIGHTEN UP Day 11 - Your Team

Putting together the right team for the Iditarod is imperative for the success of the Team and more importantly - the safety.

Finding the right buddy to join you for your Lighten-Up Transformation is also imperative. Lynne and I both adore Alaska. We have similar goals to lighten-up and release weight, stress, and aging. We have similar senses of humor (poor Lynne), and share religious, political, family and health visions. We have a long history of being friends and respect each other. This makes for a great foundation of transforming.

Think about who you would like to have on your Lighten-Up Team.

Creating a Support System: (From The Healing Path - Module 11

Having support is absolutely essential which is why it is a step on our Healing Path. Sometimes, support is the only thing that is keeping someone afloat and the connection that we have with other people is very important as we look for healing. In the past, it has been difficult for people to get support when they struggle with illness that others don’t understand. But it’s becoming easier to get the support that everyone needs.

If you’re unwell, maybe you’ve lost a lot and feel like you are without support. Sometimes as we become ill we lose the things in our life that support us or prop us up. But we can find the things that have been lost. We can make new friends and find new ways of giving and receiving support. In this audio we’ll talk about why it is so important to stay connected to others and how to go about forging new connections.

For some of you, it might feel really scary to think about being in relationships with others. Maybe you’ve been hurt or betrayed, maybe your illness makes you think that you don’t deserve to be in relationships with other people, but that isn’t true. The truth is that you do deserve support and it is available to you. As we pray and have faith, support will come into our lives and we will find new wonderful relationships. In these relationships, our purpose will grow stronger and our gifts will be able to shine. I know this is waiting for you, so let go of your fear and reach out. I promise you it is worth it and YOU are worth it.

Be Well. Be Safe. Be Happy.

There's an Adventure Waiting For You to Show Up.


Lynne & Deb

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