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I love to laugh, don't you? Having a sense of humor is healing. Our Creator, whom many of us call "Our Father in Heaven," obviously has a sense of humor as well. If He didn't, we would all be toast.

I have this image of Him being interested in everything about my life. Sometimes, I visit Him (in my mind's eye), climb up on His lap, put my head on his shoulder, twirl His hair and tattle on everyone else. Once I shared this image in a seminar, and someone asked, "Do you tattle on yourself as well?"

I replied, "NO! Of course not. He knows what I've done. I just want to make sure He knows what you did."

Once in a while, be light-hearted. You'll have a better day. And you have my permission to tattle on me.


Anthony William - "I love to laugh, don’t you? It feels so good to let go and laugh, whether with friends or on your own. Humor is Step Fifteen because of it’s amazing effect on our bodies. Laughter can calm our nerves and elevate our spirits. It’s truly miraculous how it works on a physical and emotional level in our lives. I’m going to explain exactly how laughter functions to keep us calm and reduce tension in our bodies.

Maybe you don’t like laughter because you’ve been teased or picked on in your life. I understand how hard that can be, but in this audio, I’ll explain why it is so important for us to embrace humor and let it be something new. We’ll talk about the importance of staying “light-hearted”. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Laughter can keep us “light-hearted” in spite of all the struggles we face.

If you feel like you don’t have a sense of humor or nobody thinks you’re funny, don’t worry about that! Let’s just move forward together to embracing humor and lightness in our lives. I’m with you in this, and we will go on this adventure together as we learn to laugh and experience joy all over again." (

Lighten up and find humor because it is healing. It's just as important as sleep, eating right and exercise. One of the reasons the Pocket Gym and Fantastic Faces is so effective is making Fantastic Faces is funny looking. Try it, and you'll see why.


Since today is about healing from humor, we are going to incorporate 10 Super Healing Foods into our life:

  1. Celery Juice: Ph Balancer, Super Toxin Fighter

  2. Wild Blueberries: Dis-eases Beware!

  3. Papayas: Removes, Restores, Recovers

  4. Cilantro: Heavy Metal Detoxifier, Antioxidant Powerhouse

  5. Spirulina: Antioxidants Abound

  6. Ginger: A Germ’s Worst Nightmare

  7. Sprouts: Bone and Brain Builder, Immune Booster

  8. Garlic: Versatile Old World Vitamin

  9. Leafy Greens: 4 ‘A’s: Antiviral, Antibiotic, Anti-inflammatory, and Anticancer

  10. Coconut Water: Serious Electrolyte Enhancer and Blood Booster

Copy and past this FaceBook link for some amazing recipes using these products


Pocket Gym/Fantastic Faces/Laughing/Shopping - Last minute items/produce for NOME

EDUCATION: (Module 15)


Deb & Lynne

Be Safe. Be Well. Be Happy. Life is hilarious, with the right frame of mind.

Laugh today. Visit our Father and tattle.

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