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LIGHTEN UP DAY 22 - There's No Place Like Nome

Only eleven days left to our 33-day lighten-up challenge. Even though there is "No Place Like Nome," Nome has caused a hiccup in our goal to release "x" amount of weight, but that's life. Shake it off and keep going. Like the Iditarod Mushers and Teams.

As I'm writing this, the horn/siren is blasting announcing the last Musher and Team are coming into town. We need to run down to the finish line and watch; but sadly it is becoming "old-hat," and there's a strong wind storm blowing. And, furthermore, this bed is sooooo warm.

Today is our last full day in Nome AK. Tons of events are still taking place. Some of our Battle Dawgs friends are returning to Anchorage today, and the canine team has already flown out of Nome - First Class, I'm sure. The little heroes.

The best way the Iditarod race celebration can be described: Alaska Marti Gras. The locals know this is their best chance to make money. A house rents for $3000 a week (reservations are secured a year in advance) and people move out of their homes to stay with relatives or friends. Taxi drivers work 24/7, and they charge $5 per person ($4 if you are old). Five dollars pretty much gets you anywhere in the 22-mile radius of Nome. The bars close at 5:00 am. Reopen at 10:00 am.

Natives come from "dry" villages all over to participate in the celebration, especially the drinking part. This is their "Marti Gras."

The restaurants are busy non-stop. Sadly, several places have closed down, including the famous Airport Pizza - now permanently closed.

  • Why? Hard to find jobs in Alaska.

  • Why? In 2015, our past President of the US came to Alaska and supposedly "renamed" Mount McKinley: Denali. Denali is the name always used by the locals - so why did it take a Presidential proclamation? It didn't.

  • Why no jobs?

While the locals were singing his praises on the unnecessary name change, he "quietly" shut down the slope where hundreds of people lost their jobs, making it more difficult for locals to eat out ... or even exist.

  • "In hindsight, perhaps President Barack Obama’s visit to Alaska in 2015 was the worst thing ever for the state’s economy. Some Alaskans said so at the time. Others didn’t believe it."

Now everyone believes it. This seemingly innocent action, with a global agenda against the United States, is having a huge impact on the Alaska economy. Even famous Humpy's in Anchorage is going bankrupt. Alaska is in trouble. We need to help. Visit Alaska often and please put pressure on government officials to re-open the slope.

Another 2015 Budge Cut:

IN THE MEANTIME - TODAY we want to be as healthy (body, mind and spirit) as possible, so we will take our supplements and eat from this flexible menu:

  • B-12

  • Zinc

  • Barley Grass Juice Extract

  • Dulse

  • Licorice

  • Detox Tea

  • Last of the fruit - apples, oranges, bananas, berries

  • Celery snacks with dates

  • Drinking tons of distilled water with lemon (distilled water is cheapest and has nothing in it - so we can add what we want/need.

Education and Exercise: Living in "Nome, Sweet Nome" fully fulfills both the goal for daily education and exercise as you visit the museum, Cultural Center/Library, walk on the Bering Sea and stay up late listening to Hobo Jim sing his songs about Alaska. Just try not to exercise as you work at getting around on icy streets and sea with deep snow, while the wind blows through your ten layers of clothes.

Be Safe. Be Well. Be Happy.



Lynne & Deb

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