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LIGHTEN UP DAY 23 - Simon Says

We didn't believe we would fall in love with NOME - but we did. Our little nest home at 603 E. Kings Place is difficult to leave today. We've also fallen in love with the weather, the people, the village, the Bering Sea, the food, all the Mushers and their Teams, Hobo Jim, Jen and Rick Casillo, The Battle Dawgs, Dr. Lisa and Jessy, all the cab drivers, villagers, our warm clothes (so grateful we have them), and of course - Simon: Nome's FIX-IT man:

  • Simon knows something about everything - even how to print off documents and get them over-nighted to the East Coast. (In Alaska, "overnight" usually means 3-14 days.)

  • He drove everyone wherever they wanted to go, whenever they wanted, and fixed everything that was broken along the way: Helicopters, cars, dishwashers, snow machines, and even broken hearts. He listens, has great stories, and knows everyone in Nome.

  • Simon is an artist and won first place in the local Art Contest. He's an amazing photographer, and male-fashion-model as well.

  • For us, Nome-life takes twice as long to do half as much, but then Simon shows up and levels the playing field. Simon is a treasure-trove hidden away in Nome.

  • When we first landed in Nome - through all the chaos at the small airport, everyone trying to claim their luggage, slipping and sliding on the ice as we worked to get our sea-legs (snow-legs), we asked Jen: How do we get to our destination? She simply replied, "Simon says he is on the way."

  • I wondered who was this 'Simon says?' I soon learned that in Nome, knowing Simon is the only way to go.

  • Simon has more cars than most people and he can pile in more luggage and people than the clowns in the Circus VW. No one minded because we were in safe hands/cars and when you fit five people in the backseat of a three seat vehicle - everyone is warmer.

Rick requested sourdough pancakes before we leave this morning and here at the Iditarod Finish Line of Nome - Mushers and their Team requests are honored. We were wondering if Simon cooks, too? (Guess what - he does. How the heck is he still single?)

This post is short and sweet today because we have to catch a plane back to Anchorage - weather permitting. Simon is taking us and will easily lift Lynne into the car. Or perhaps, more easily, because she has lightened-up?

Thanks to the Village of Nome, the Battle Dawgs, Mushers, Jen and Rick Casillo, and Simon for inviting us and making sure we had a great time.

Be Well. Be Safe. Be Happy. Lighten Up.


Lynne & Deb

Simon says - "You will love Nome, especially in the summer."

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