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LIGHTEN UP DAY 26 - Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday is about service. Serving others. We "invented" Wellness Wednesday because we wanted to give back to our community of patients, clients, friends, family, Veterans, First Responders, and everyone who might be missing a little fun in their lives. The kind of fun that makes a person feel good and healthy.

We built it, and you are coming. Thank you for trusting us, and for giving this gift to yourself.

Yesterday I saw several new patients in Alaska. It was a twelve (12) hour day, and we returned to Anchorage, and the TINY CONDO. We were exhausted. It was difficult to drive by ALL the fast food restaurants because we are weakest when we are tired. OLD Comfort Food called out to us, falling on deaf ears.

Happy Day - After 26 days of LIGHTEN UP - New Comfort Food won out. We wanted the 'good stuff.'

We made it home and drank our fresh smoothies, falling asleep feeling good, because yesterday we did "some good," for others and ourselves. Today is Lynne's birthday, and she wants to rest. So I'm working on Volume Two of The Truth About Suicide: HOPE. Hope to become, and feel better. Hope to become WELL.

Next Wednesday, we will be back in Virginia. We HOPE to see you there. We HOPE you are lighter in every way since we saw you last. We HOPE you notice we are lighter.

Be Safe. Be Well. Be Happy. Be Lighter.

Love Lynne & Deb

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