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LIGHTEN UP DAY 32 - Be Happy

DON'T WORRY - BE HAPPY. If this song doesn't make you smile ... go to the Emergency Room and ask them to check for a pulse.

Every day, each one of us makes decisions to fight ... even to the death, by making choices to live. The second choice we make is whether or not to live well, have some fun, or do some good. No matter how you choose to live your life, do yourself and others a favor - LIGHTEN UP. Smile more and give others the benefit of the doubt.

The hardest and most worthwhile battle you can fight is the one taking place inside of you, right now. A place I call "the dark chambers of the mind." We think no one knows what goes on there, but it becomes reflected in the lines etched on our faces, over time. We can make those lines happy ones or sad.

I once heard this analogy likened to a porpoise and a shark. The shark's mouth is turned down and we don't feel good when we see or think about them. The porpoise's mouth is turned up, in a perpetual smile, and we feel happy when we see them. Think about that as you walk around town and people see your face with a frown or a smile.

When I was a little girl, I loved to look at my Grandmother's hands. They were wrinkled and her veins showed through her skin. Her hands were a testament to me that she had lived a life full of experiences I didn't yet know about.

She really lived. And I couldn't wait until my hands looked like hers.

Then I would study the wrinkles on her face and I thought she was the most beautiful woman on earth. I believed that each line represented a life experience, and one of those wrinkles was about me. Each line, joyful or not, was a witness that she had lived, loved, laughed and to me, her biggest fan - she had lived well. I wanted to be just like her.

My wish for each of you is to LIVE your life WELL And If you happen to see someone walking around, even or especially if they appear to be in a coma, know they are choosing to live, because they are still breathing. Flash them a smile, a genuine one. You know the kind - from the depth of your soul to soul. Where your eyes light up and your heart shakes their hand.

At Renova Reset, in the Bemer Room, hangs a sign summing up the I CHING or all life-wisdom:





Suggestions for how to lighten up now:

  • Stay Hydrated

  • Keep a steady flow of good sugars and salts going into your brain every couple of hours (Snack on dates, fruit, celery)

  • Wear comfortable clothing - especially shoes (it is difficult to feel good when your feet hurt)

  • Watch a movie that makes you happy (such as You've Got Mail)

  • Listen to happy music (such as Don't Worry, Be Happy)

  • Join a gym

  • Get a massage

  • Drink some celery juice

  • Read a good book

  • Call someone and cheer them up

  • Give $5 to the homeless person on the corner and look them in the eye with your beautiful smile - thank them for their life

  • Dance like no one is watching

  • Sing like you are a super star (you are, you know?)

  • Lighten up - you deserve to be happy (so does everyone else)

  • Have you tried floating?

  • Buy a new hat (that used to work for me - let me know if it does for you)

  • Take a walk and notice the good stuff going on around you - like flowers, birds, trees, water, animals, humans - check out nature

  • Practice "cloud watching" and see if you can see shapes of things in the clouds. Teach this skill to a child or let them teach you

  • Take a picture of something beautiful and post it on Facebook or send to friends - it might be just the thing they need to want to live another day

Be Safe. Be Well. Be Happy. Lighten UP.

NOTE: LIGHTEN UP 33 DAY TRANSFORMATION is a program through Renova Reset which guides you through releasing weight, fat, addictions, undesirable habits, aging, sadness and more. Our program works, and you get to work it with a trainer from Renova Reset, Fit Norfolk, Massage Norfolk and Float Norfolk. Your success is our goal. Call today: 757.452.3933. Don't worry - be happy!

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