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Wellness Protocol

I received this email:

Dear Doctor:

[A mutual friend] referred me to you regarding your outstanding work with MS. My daughter-in-law, age 35, was diagnosed with MS about a decade ago. She is doing quite well, but your work sounds amazing! Could you please explain your protocol and where she could participate in your treatments.

I am very grateful for your knowledge and wisdom. I look forward to hearing from you...


This is my answer:

Dear [Friend]:

Thank you for your kind words and for reaching out. I am a PhD-ND and not a Medical Doctor. I do not treat diseases, nor am I qualified to do so. I work closely with our Veteran and First Responder Community, as well as their friends and families, to stop suicide by promoting wellness.

Many people over the years have come to me through my wellness clinics (Virginia and Alaska) for wellness assistance and many have had MS diagnoses. Our “protocol” for ALL dis-eases is to build the immune system and let the body heal itself from whatever symptoms may have manifested.

We work closely with the information coming from Anthony William, The Medical Medium:

Here is some information on MS, which should be very enlightening and helpful to you:

Once we understand what the true cause for symptoms of any dis-ease - it becomes easier to heal. I first learned about the possibility of healing from MS about 25 years ago, through another unusual group called Hallelujah Acres:

Rev. George Malkmus trains people to become health-ministers. The MS ministers formed a “club” with over 500 people who were diagnosed with MS. They followed the Hallelujah Diet protocol and over time, no longer had MS symptoms.

I was fascinated since MS "recipients" are told there is no cure. I followed their posts and “claims” for years. To my knowledge, the ones who stayed the course (diet and lifestyle) remain symptom-free to this day. I now see the same results through the Medical Medium’s information.

I hope this gives you some hope and guidance. The message and results I found from these two organizations are: MS is a mystery illness and medical science doesn’t know what causes it - therefore cannot cure it.

The Medical Medium claims to know the cause and also to know how to “fix” it. When people follow this information, change their lifestyle to include four items (see attached) - they are rewarded with healthy wellness and their harmful symptoms disappear. Inspiring.

I also find that many won’t do it because it is too simple. Health is pretty simple when we understand the foundation or actual cause of the symptoms. You will be well on your way to understanding the cause and knowing what to do when you listen to that blog talk on MS.

Let me know if you would care to have more conversations about this or wellness in general. The first thing to do is to start drinking 16 ounces of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. Too simple, right? The hard part is to believe it is that simple.

The following four things are at the foundation of beginning to have wellness:

There is more to do, such as avoiding the foods that FEED the viruses (Hint: A virus causes MS). This pathogen (virus and bacteria) battle is real. Kill the viruses, and the symptoms will change from dis-eases to wellness. They feed on these things: Certain foods, toxic metals, radiation and DDT (pesticides/herbicides).

I’m excited for your daughter as she learns these things. Please let me know how she is doing, or if you have questions. She is fortunate to have a mom who keeps searching for answers and cures.


Deb Wood, PhD, ND


Dear Dr. Wood,

I can't thank you enough for spending the time to outline your protocol for wellness. We will study it carefully and apply it as my daughter can. It seems like an excellent program for everyone!!

God bless your efforts,


K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple, silly.

If an illness or staying healthy becomes complicated - follow the money to discover why it is complicated. It should be simple.

Knowing the truth

about what is wrong is half the battle, and knowing what to do about it is the other half.

PS For Example:

Knowing there are only two things that can cause inflammation saves a lot of time. These two things are:

  1. An injury; or/and

  2. A Pathogen: Learn what feeds pathogens and stop feeding them. Learn what kills them, and kill them.

When you feel pain, think and ask: “Did I injure that area?”

If no, you then know a pathogen (virus, bacteria) is growing, and you better get serious about your lifestyle:

Food, sleep, water, fresh air, exercise, weight, celery juice, heavy metal detox smoothie.

Knowing the truth about what is wrong and what to do about it is a confidence builder.

Confusing the issue with double-blind studies paid for by special interest groups leads to botched research, and side-effects which can cause: More side effects, suicidal tendencies from lethargy, foggy brains, feeling hopeless, and mostly a complicated mess of instructions with no explanation as to why you have what you have or how to get rid of it.

When you hear these comments, run away: "There is no cure." "It may not kill you, but you will die with it." "It's your genes. Too bad for you." Or my favorite: "You have three months to live."

WOW. Thank you doc. That really helped.

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