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RESET - We All Can Heal

One of the most challenging things about healing is to trust the process, especially when we feel worse, at first. But then one day, the sun comes out, and we feel fantastic. That's when we know for sure we are on the right healing path.

Trust this process. In the long run, you will be happier because you will he healthier, and then you can help others put on their air-mask. The proof will be you, the walking example of the truth that: "We all can heal."

How to get started? Just PUSH THE RESET BUTTON:

  • Make an appointment today to get your RESET WELLNESS SCAN.

  • Learn what is going on - on the inside and how to fix it.

  • Then, fix it.

Sound simple? It is.

In another life, I owned a title insurance company. I loved the intricacies of law, research, and solving real estate problems. My mentor, Hank Godwin, of Lawyer's Title, gave me some great advice: "If you find that the title for a property is complicated to the point of not making sense because of too many title problems - let someone else have that one. It will only get worse."

Being a "fix it" person, his advice was hard to accept. But it was true. If there were lawsuits, judgments, or other legal problems - it always turned out that someone had purposefully muddied up the title to hide other issues that were expensive, time-consuming, or impossible to fix. Thank you, Hank Godwin.

How does that story relate to health?

If you have mysterious aches and pains, have spent years going from doctor to doctor, and don't know where to turn for answers or relief - there's a good chance you will be labeled with a mystery illness, given drugs that do not resolve your foundational problem, and these drugs will create more symptoms, often worse than the original issue.

Unfortunately, unlike title insurance, we can't walk away from a mystery illness, especially when it is an experience we are having, personally. Wherever we go, it follows us.

So, what to do?

First, PUSH THE RESET BUTTON - get your RESET WELLNESS SCAN to reveal what is going on and what is preferred by the body, to fix it. Health is like an onion. Knowing what lies at the foundation is crucial. Then pealing off the layers brings relief.

Next, work on the FOUNDATION of HEALTH - this will bring more and long-lasting relief. LEARN, or UNLEARN a few facts and TRUST in your ability to HEAL.

We are all different.

  • But we need the same foundational fuels to live well.

  • We fight the same battle against dis-eases, but our unique experiences and inherited traits cause different results.

  • The struggle is real - the enemy is pathogens: Viruses and Bacteria, which feed off certain foods, heavy metals, DDT, pesticides, herbicides, and radiation. Some of which we cannot eliminate totally, because we live on Planet-Toxicity. But we can win these battles.

  • Eat more foods that bring health and kill pathogens.

  • Eat less of the foods that FEED pathogens.

What food-fuels are healing and vital to human beings?

  • Fruits

  • Vegetables

  • Spices & Herbs

  • Wild Foods

  • Mostly raw, and organic, when possible.

Come to WELLNESS WEDNESDAY to learn more.

Leave your money at home and bring a friend.


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