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I have always been fascinated by people who have discipline - especially the military, first responders and warriors in general. I have a friend who I enjoy thinking about because he is impressively disciplined, living his orderly, well planned, systematic and exciting life. It gives me hope … I try to emulate such a lifestyle but to no avail. Actually, it’s quite funny and consumes me with smiles thinking this could be possible.

I had such wonderful plans yesterday, and before I could start with the first “plan” - walking on the beach, I received a call from my daughter and my whole day changed. I spent the day with ALL of my grandchildren (8 of the most interesting people I have ever met) and my two daughters and their husbands. I learned a lot and grew even more. I'm surrounded by very special people. They bring into my world

Lots of drama and lots of gratitude.

You know the most amazing thing I’ve learned about life - to date? Well, I recall many years ago when it “dawned” on me that I could fill up my car before the warning light came on. It sounds silly, but I was such a disciplined time manager - that I thought to get the most bang for my buck, I should wait until it was absolutely time to refill the tank. This caused a great deal of stress.

One day, I accidentally filled up the tank much earlier, (I was on a road trip and wasn't sure when I would find another gas-station) and discovered I felt less stress when the tank was never below the halfway point. Since then, life has been much more pleasant, not worrying about running out of gas. If freed up my day (life) with more time to feel peace.

Go figure?

I also learned if I used my cruise control - I didn't have to be watching my speedometer and worrying if there was a "friendly" Police Officer nearby - with radar. That one little paradigm shift has proven to remove a great deal of stress.

Recently, I’ve been having a bunch of such epiphanies! I learned that I am “allowed” to do laundry every day if I feel like it. Since I live alone, I can even take off my clothes while standing at the washer/dryer and put them directly in the washer - allowing me to always have my favorite clothes available to put back on the next day.

Liberating! :)

Yesterday, instead of stressing over all the things I wasn't getting done; I learned to enjoy playing with my grandchildren. We fed the snapping turtles in Lovetts Pond - and watched the Great Blue Heron watching us. We played on the swing and climbed trees. The 18- month-old twins are so cute and funny, I laughed out loud off and on watching them exploring this world, and they walked around laughing as they repeated over and over, "GaGa." All the kids were fun and funny. Totally interesting and definitely entertaining. In a stressless way.

Who knew?

I wish I had discovered this magic when I was raising my daughters. We would have had so much more fun but fortunately, I finally learned and experienced the beauty of playing with children. It was enlightening. It was peaceful. I felt as if I did some good in the world, after all. And that it's ok just to chill out and enjoy myself.

So, I didn’t get to do my beach run, or make my morning juices - or go to work and attend all my very important appointments and guess what? The world survived anyway. And I enjoyed my day. Who knew?

I feel relaxed this morning and content. I was able to write a couple of blogs. And I received an email from a new client who did get to take the relaxing walk on the beach and is drinking his morning celery juice. His words rocked my world.

So now I'm heading to the beach to walk and commune with nature and my Father in Heaven. I will be thanking Him for knowing what I need, more than I do.

Have a banner weekend.

Be Well - Be Safe - Be Happy

And if you get a chance, go read this BLOG - from the wisdom of Nicky Baggett:

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