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Reset Your Life - NOW

What does that even mean?

It's different for each of us. What is causing us not to be the best we can be? What is causing pain? What is blocking our happiness?

Reset - Unblock it.

My hero is Lynne Maynard. She had the courage to travel to Alaska and Nome with me to experience bone chilling cold and watch the Iditarod. But she has even more courage than that.

She had the courage to work on her RESET and she hung in there until she was victorious over herself. A very noble victory. A very worthy and difficult opponent: SELF.

Sticking to the Reset Journey, Lynne reframed and released the following and created a brand new world.

  • Fat - 30 pounds (from a size 14 to a size 8)

  • Grief - the loss of her sweetheart made this journey more painful

  • Diet Pepsi - comfort food - she didn't use it

  • Age - she looks ten years younger

  • Sadness - I love to hear her laugh

  • More? Yes there's a lot more, but ask her.

When you read this BLOG, drop her a note to congratulate her success. And then call us and take this guided journey with us. Then I can tell your story.

Be Well ~ Be Safe ~ Be Happy

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