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My name is Deborah. I am a daughter of God, born and reared in the courts of glory by Heavenly Parents who love me, and I love them. I was born in the last days, a confusing time but exciting as we witness and participate in the ushering in of the return of the Savior Jesus Christ. Prophesies are coming true during these last days. Good has become evil, and evil has become good. “Another chance” now means “enabling.” Being "Gay" doesn't mean you feel happy. The "F" word doesn't bother most people anymore. Helping someone is now considered enabling.

Being co-dependent is a bad thing today. Partnerships based on love and commitment are difficult to form because semantics have changed, and keep changing. Just when you think you've done something good, you are informed you really messed up. But it keeps you on your toes.

My Father in Heaven and I have an amazing relationship. It is co-dependent. He needs me to love Him and I need to love Him. I also need to stay close to Him. He needs me to love Him because this is what I need the most. I need Him to have my back and provide opportunities to guide me, teach me and help me to be successful in this mortal experience. Co-dependent? YUP. It's a beautiful thing, when it's used correctly. It works..

He never disappoints.

I, on the other hand, have let Him down many times, but He has enabled me to have many “Ground Hog Days” or “Do-Overs,” until I get it right. I am very grateful for these do-overs. The only thing I have to do, is be sorry and ask for a do-over. I’m not dumb, I ask.

In reality, He gives me much more than I give Him, but this works because He is my Father, and I am His child. He doesn’t always make it easy, but He enables possibilities. It’s part of our co-dependency agreement. It works beautifully from both our perspectives, but sometimes I take advantage of Him. He smiles at my childish antics and temper tantrums, then gently encourages me to try again. He never minds my failed attempts, because He knows no one can get it right 100% of the time. And with each failed attempt, I get closer to the mark.

Sometimes he carries me over the rough spots.

I am not always grateful, but I come around eventually. As I said, I’m not dumb. I take His hand.

I have two daughters.

I’ve tried to be co-dependent with them, as Father has been with me. Most of the time, being this type of co-dependent works well. With some things co-dependency is a necessity for clothes, food, education, shelter/home, vacations, protection, et cetera. You know - the things only money can buy.

Then, more importantly, I enable them to have things money cannot buy, such as love, respect, integrity, honesty, joy, class, virtue, laughter, opportunities, dreams, someone to care about their boo-boos or to cry with a Mom who doesn’t judge – and of course, I enable many do-overs. I learned from the expert on how to do that, and the importance of doing that. I learned how from My Father in Heaven.

I have faith in them, as my Father has in me and enable opportunities for them to be all they can be. I cannot always make it easy for them, but whenever possible, I make it possible.

I’ve enabled my daughters to have the opportunity to follow their dreams and become all they can be. I’ve enabled them to have the things I can afford, along with parts of my heart, mind, and soul. The greatest co-dependency is that I would die for them. Other parents understand what that means, and "get-it." What it means to die for someone. I want them to feel safe and secure in my love. Everything is given to me by my Father in Heaven, and I, in turn, give to them.

The best gift ...

The best gift I’ve taught them is how to be co-dependent with Him so that this knowledge and skill will be passed on to their children - my grandchildren. It becomes a never-ending spiral of love, hope, faith, and charity. Oh, how I love being co-dependent with my Father and my loved ones, as we enable each other to feel love. The sad part? Heavenly Father doesn't have Grand-Children and they are the best.

Life can be tough, and sometimes we all need to be carried.

I’ve enabled them to be stay-at-home moms because I wasn’t able to stay home with them.

I’ve enabled them to find good men who also did not have to feel the heavy pressure of finances, alone.

I’ve enabled them to have the ability to know their Father in Heaven and to love, laugh and leave a legacy; as my Father has done for me.

I’ve enabled them to find peace and joy in a world that doesn’t always offer such attributes.

I've enabled them to use their brain, enjoy their freedom, and fight for the rights of all people.

I've enabled them to know they are not better than anyone else; but NO ONE is better than them.

I've enabled them to be good citizens, contributing to this country, and not to take handouts.

I’ve enabled them to see and expand their talents as in the Biblical “Parable of Talents,” found in Matthew 25:14-30. I watched with excitement to see how they would enable their talents. Would they grow them, or squander them? We shall see.

Just because I've enabled them to do great things with their lives, doesn't mean they will. But there's always the do-over.

What does my Father require of me for all that He offers?

To love Him.

I pray they will love me, and that they become more than I have been – even better.

Sometimes when we make words into something else, we lose the best of what those words could be. But it’s the last days, and it happens. Hold on. Take a deep breath and then do a do-over. As my grandkids say:


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