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Dance With Me for 30, 60 or 90 Days

I wasn't sure to call this BLOG, "Confessions of an Overwhelmed Person," or "Dance With Me." You can see which title won out .. now I'll tell you why:

I've been on a journey that tested and pushed me beyond anything I've ever experienced. If you are a Believer - you'll get when I say I feel like: JOBETTE, the female version of JOB from the Old Testament.

This Journey of Life pushed me almost over the edge. I say, "almost" because I'm blessed to have friends and family - YOU - who cared enough to not let me fall (or jump off the earth. Thanks for that, and now I'm determined to make sure I never get to that point again. The only way it makes sense to me, is to take you with me. I want to dance with you.

Come dance with me to PREVENT dis-eases, stress, depression, pain, suicide, and being adversely affected by the adversities still to come. One thing that is guaranteed in living is that adversities will come.. We can't stop what happens to us but we have total power over how we respond.

The problem:

First, I had no thoughts that this could happen to me, but it snuck up on me. I couldn't QUICK FIX it. I have practiced PREVENTION my whole life but the intensity and length of this experience - caught me off guard.

Second, I had no idea anything like this could last so long - almost beyond my endurance. I felt like I was caught in THE PERFECT STORM and when I'd come up for air - another wave would slam me back under, so I could never get a full breath of air/relief.

Third, I knew I had to find something that brought a greater YES to the forefront of ME - so I could say NO to this thing that had me by the throat (METAPHOR).

The Solution:

First, my angels turned out to be my High School Friends. They showed up at Renova on a Mission, to let me know I'm loved. One shared a story worse than mine. I looked into her eyes and saw everything I needed to see. "Nothing lasts forever," but her experience lasted a whole lot longer than mine, and it had eventually ended.

Second, I realized it doesn't matter what the details of each individual story ... what matters is that we don't allow them to steal our joy.

Third, I fell back on what I know to be true: God, Family/Friends, and Me. "Me" was still there and "ME" is still kicking. Here is what "me" decided: GET BACK TO THE BASICS. The basics of what works.


PRAYER. Thank you all for the non-stop prayers. Thank God for answering prayers.

JOY: Count it all Joy - ALL of it. What brings you JOY? For me - it's music. Music soothes the savage beast. Adversity can be savage to our souls. When I hear music, I want to dance.

DANCE: What is your "dance?" Who do you dance with? Put on some good music and start dancing. In searching for my last companion, he looks like the man Johnny Reid represents in this song that touches my soul:


Thank you for YOU. Thank you for caring. Thank you for sharing.

ALLOW me to give you a gift. Dance with me for however long it takes:

30, 60, or 90 Days

Let me show you how to change your life.

Restore health and overcome the battle scars of life.

AND prevent future battles from leaving scars.


Be Safe. Be Well. Be Happy.

It's a Jungle out there.

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