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Indigestion? Ouch. We've all experienced it, and it hurts - to say the least. Especially when it wakes us up in the middle of the night. It feels like a fire burning from one end of our digestive tract to the other. We know what caused it. We shouldn't have eaten that thing that brought it on, but we did - again. Sigh. We can beat ourselves up about it later. For now, how do we get through the night?

How do we make the fire stop?

One way is to drink cucumber juice. But that takes a little pre-planning. What a great idea if we prepared for our digestive indiscretions by juicing a couple of cucumbers in advance to put out the fire before it wakes us up. Not always realistic, since eating that thing that caused the problem was more than likely not pre-planned. It was probably an emotional moment.

Here's another option.

Drink Watt-Ahh by Watt-Ahh is polarized linear-bonded ultra pure water that provides improved hydration metabolism, and enhances the body's ability to heal itself. You'll find it at Float Norfolk in The Renova Center.

Hopefully, you'll keep Watt-Ahh by your bed for those occasional eating indiscretions, because drinking Watt-Ahh puts out those middle of the night fires. Trust me, I've been there - last night.

Watt-Ahh does a body good.

Be well ~ be safe ~ be happy

It's a jungle out there

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