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LIFE PART II : The Ultimate Spiritual Experience

Do you know who you are? Do you like yourself ... do you love yourself? Are you in awe of your life and the sacredness of it? We could be. We should be. Because life is a miracle.

I can handle everything life throws at me as long as I'm ok with my Father in Heaven. That connection is not one I can afford to give up or lose. I keep the following image in mind (and the actual picture image hangs on my bedroom wall in Alaska), as a beautiful reminder that I must talk to Him, because He loves me no matter what and He is manna to my soul. The breath and bread of life.

I have come to have a testimony - without doubt - in only a few things in this life - you might say they complete who I am and provide guidance and security in my life. One is:

The Gospel of Jesus Christ - I know that God lives and Jesus is the Christ. He proves that He cares in a myriad of ways (love, nature, beauty, etc) through His gospel. His gospel gives guidance to keep us safe and happy. To me, organized religion is like going to the gym. I go there to work out and strengthen my spiritual muscles. The results don't make me look like a professional body builder; but none-the-less, my spiritual muscles are a beauty to behold. I call the Gospel of Jesus Christ: The "recipe for happiness." When all else fails, and I promise it will and does, He does not fail us. He never gives up on us, no matter what we do. That is comforting - because I do a lot of dumb things.

But I was given an amazing gift. I was born knowing that He lives. Because of this, I know who I am and that knowledge bears witness to me of who you are. I am:

His Daughter - born and reared in the court's of glory by Heavenly parents who adore me. And that means you are like me, and the same. We are in training to be like Him. Isn't that cool? Doesn't it make you want to treat yourself and each other with more respect?

I also know that each of us has a noble mission to complete. WOW! If you are in someone's life - like mine - right now - you are here to help them complete their mission, and vice versa. No accidents, no mistakes.

Once, as an adult, I began to doubt myself. It was a frustrating and confusing time. Gratefully, I was given a sacred spiritual experience that put me back on track. I have never wavered since, even at the darkest nights of my soul. It's not that I'm that strong - it's just that I'm completely sure of what I saw. Joseph Smith once said, and I agree, “I had seen a vision; I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it” (Joseph Smith—History 1:25).

Join me in the the next part of this life exploration. In the meantime -

BE WELL. BE SAFE. BE HAPPY. It's a jungle out there. And what seems not to be true might be true. You just never know - until you know.

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