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In Sedro-Woolley WA – it is obvious that the current water-fast is about resting while in the “fast(ing) lane.” Fasting is the ultimate process for becoming healthy and strong; again - quickly.

The goal is to fast one day at a time, with a 10 to 14-day possibility. Fasting is a miracle and causes wellness, healing, anti-aging, and spiritual closeness to the Holy Ghost. It is the ultimate rest from food, stress, life-stimulations, and past experiences (good, bad, and ugly) while achieving overall health and vitality. Fasting removes a lot of sins – where an individual had lived a life not understanding the laws of nature and indulging in dis-ease building life-styles. Most of us are unaware that we are doing this. We drank the kool-aid from, so-called experts about what was healthy- and it was healthy for their check-books.

The consequences for violating the laws of nature cannot be avoided and the symptoms of these violations are self-evident by our dis-eases. These dis-eases appear after one has over-indulged, over-eaten, over-consumed, under-exercised, overworked, under-communicated with Father, etc.

Making time to regroup, slow-down, and heal – is about loving yourself unconditionally, so you can love others the same way. You have to put on your air-mask, first. It is about being selfish, for unselfish reasons. There’s nothing selfish about taking time out to be the best you can be, for the ones you love. We cannot help others if we are not at the top of our game.

What might be the results of doing a supervised fast – resting and going without food? First, we are able to reclaim our youth through restoring health, wellness, and strength. This is a noble and lofty goal. That’s why I’m here.

We spent our vitality and youth on building businesses, growing families, and stressing over finances, so we can retire and enjoy the rest of our lives. But because we spent our health resources in the pursuit of planning for our golden years, we end up wasting our money and time on trying to get back our vitality and youth. We also find that our loved ones end up taking care of us.

If we could choose how we leave this world, most of us would choose to be beamed up, die in our sleep, or drop dead while doing something fun and wonderful. But the reality is, when we have compromised our health, we enter the world of chronic dis-eases. We lose our ability to have freedom to live freely or vibrantly.

Then, we linger and suffer through operations and drug-care, because of dementia and other brain disorders, diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, as well as other chronic mystery illnesses. Chronic mystery illnesses do not allow for quick exits.

The only “quick” way of turning this scenario around, is through fasting. If you want to know more about it, read Paul Bragg’s book: The Miracle of Fasting. Or stay tuned with me to observe the quick and easy way back to health.

DAY TWO OF NO FOOD: Today I feel a little more tired, and I hear and feel buzzing running through my body. It’s like my liver, heart, brain and other organs are my construction crew and they are working diligently now – since I’ve gotten out of the way – to heal whatever needs to be healed. They don’t seem to need any input from me. Amazing. It is a miracle.

Now, off to a lecture by Dr. Doug Graham on “The 36 Laws of Life”. We are learning that there are actual “laws” and natural consequences when we violate health laws, whether we know them or not, or believe them or not.

I watch the other participants and wonder what they are thinking and how they are feeling as we go without food and receive accolades for resting. A real switch from our old lives, where we thought we could eat or drink anything, and if we rested too much we were labeled: Lazy. Aren’t you supposed to die if you don’t eat? Seems that is a misnomer. How many more old theories are going to be removed along with the fat and dis-eases we’ve accumulated?

I hear hurricane Dorian didn’t hit Tidewater as badly as expected. Whew. God has blessed us, again. It seems that Pat Robertson and his prayer warriors did their magic yet again.


It’s a Jungle Out There

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