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Well, this FASTING adventure is over and another one "Culinary Gourmet Class" begins tomorrow. Now that the cooked-food addiction is broken, this class will teach new skills to be able to maintain this healthy new lifestyle that I've chosen to live. So what good did this do me? I wrote down all the symptoms I was experiencing when I got here, so I could remember that they were there. Symptoms have a tendency to be forgotten when they are no longer plaguing us.

There were twenty symptoms, from very serious IBS to annoying COUGH that seemed to be hanging on for years. Also, the WEIGHT GAIN. I was holding my own but that holding pattern was about 25 pounds over-weight. I'm down 20 and loving the new energy and attitude that came in when the weight went out.

I am also happy about my eyes. The whites are CLEAR white again - haven't seen that in a long while and the dark circles are gone. Is my vision better? I'm afraid so, because now I'm seeing the fine lines on my face. What the heck?

I guess you can't have everything.

Today, some of my new friends are leaving to embark on their RAW VEGAN adventure in the big, wide world. Leaving the safety of this nest to apply their newly developed skills. This experience will never happen again, and we all made the most of it.

I'm going for a walk now - to earn my food. Breakfast will be very sweet melons or banana juice. I can't wait. You, my friends, have a blessed day ... do something good for yourself today. Life is short.


It's a Jungle Out There

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