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80 -10 -10 Simply Delicious

I'm thrilled that you chose to join me on my FASTING Adventure in Sedro Woolley WA. We learned a lot about FASTING and HEALING. In the past three weeks, a two-week WATER FAST was successfully completed; “re-feeding” was skillfully accomplished; and recovery is ongoing. Life is good without all the problems experienced before the FAST, including

  • IBS,

  • Foot neuropathy,

  • Chronic cough,

  • Aging on steroids,

  • FAT retention, and

  • Dis-ease building.

Yesterday and today, individuals arrived from all over the world. They are coming for different, personal reasons and are at different levels of their own "pursuit of wellness." Some are new to the RAW, VEGAN WORLD of WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANTS, and some are here to brush up on the healthy lives they've been living.

Their stories are as varied as the places they come from; and each one has a heart-warming saga of how they came to this point in their journey. They speak different languages, but the thing we have in common is a desire to learn how to live with vitality, joy, hope, and true health. And to pass this knowledge on to the families.

They are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, spouses, grandparents, aunts, uncles, professional business people, chefs, and professional athletes. We all sit at the feet of our fearless leader, Dr. Doug Graham, trying to glean a small amount of the lifetime of wisdom that he has regarding how to recover and retain our youthful vigor.

This first day, we learned how to combine foods. What works best together to remove the digestive nightmares we've created. We learned that off the top of our heads with only a few foods, we are able to make a million different sauces/recipes. We learned how to create an ambiance for dining pleasures and how to make foods look fun and desirous to our little ones. So they will be more interested in healthy foods than the ones they've been accustomed to through constant bombardment of media tricks, designed to sell their unhealthy wares.

So, what did we eat? After we walked and earned our food?


Fresh Orange/Strawberry Juice (as much as we wanted - several 16 ounce glasses)

Lettuce wrapped tacos

Taco "meat" - finely chopped Portabello mushrooms with herbs

Sliced cucumbers for topping

Haas Avocado Guacamole with cilantro

Cucumber chips (dehydrated to perfection)

Fresh Tomato/Mango Salsa

At the end of this incredible meal, we were quite full, satiated and ready to have a good night's sleep - also important to good-digestion.

This is only the first day of a seven-day class on culinary skills. After two weeks of FASTING, this is like leaving complete rest to going to the land of eating pleasures. A cornucopia of colorful, beautiful, and delicious live foods.

Thanks to the vision of Dr. Doug Graham, to bring the importance of WHOLE, FRESH, RIPE, RAW, ORGANIC PLANTS, and the 80-10-10 Lessons for LIFE.


It's a Jungle Out There

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