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"Glorious Sleep" Caricature by Amelia Grace Kaiser

It seems that our nation as a whole has a problem that is not discriminative of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or age. But it is a growing epidemic:


What the heck is going on? I first noticed this problem in Mothers. Once we become pregnant - say goodbye to sleep until we are in our 60's and only then out of exhaustion and desperation. Worry, worry, worry. If you haven't noticed, "worry," eliminates the ability to fall asleep, and then to stay asleep.

Then I noticed our Veteran-Heroes have an inability to sleep. Some are afraid to go to sleep, for fear of the dreams and flashbacks that slam them. Some just can't shut down their brain - burned out by adrenaline, and always operating at a high level of survival.

Our first responders can't sleep due to the same issues, adding their crazy work schedules. They are working while we are supposed to be sleeping.

Finally, with working with so many of you, struggling to reclaim your health and happiness, it became apparent that we are all in the same boat: "can't sleep."

In European countries, one way they combat the inability to sleep well - knowing of the healing benefits of sleep - is to eliminate electronics from the bedroom, and make sure the room is entirely DARK. How did they get so smart?

A simple trick I learned from the Medical Medium, to combat the reality that our homes are radiation/electronic cess-pools, is to place a nice, raw baking potato on the night-stand, another one on your WIFI, TV's, Radios, Microwave, etc. Potatoes absorb radiation. What a cool, simple, inexpensive way to protect yourself and others in your home. Change them out every week or two. I'm often asked this question, and here's the answer: DO NOT EAT the potato after it has collected the radiation. But YES. Eat potatoes. They work their unselfish magic inside of you, as well. Contrary to what you've been told - potatoes are HEALTHY.

Plus, keeping the room dark and eliminating electronics is a bonus, for sure.

Yet another thing you might want to try is listening to something called WHOLE TONES. These are Healing Frequencies. Relaxing music to change the brain and body. An effective, simple solution to accomplish healing, "specifically designed to lull the listener into a deep, delta sleep, using frequency-enhanced music and precise tempos..."

Michael S. Tyrrell is the mastermind behind Wholetones, a music designed to produce healing sensations delivered through specific tonal frequencies. Before developing Wholetones in the mid-2010s, Tyrrell worked as a Christian music songwriter and producer, additionally releasing several albums of his own material. ~Google

"Sound is the medicine of the future," said Mr. Edgar Cayce. It seems Mr. Cayce was right, again. I've been reading medical articles lately, stating that SOUND is going to be the healing modality of the future. So, music does soothe the savage beast - especially if "the beast" turns out to be dis-ease.

I added WHOLE TONES in the background of Renova Reset, as a test, along with playing them 24/7 in my home. I've noticed many benefits - peace, calm, more clarity, and finally - better and longer sleep. People coming into Renova always say, "it feels so peaceful here - lack of stress." There is a reason for this feeling.

Today, something amazing happened. I came home from Church, relaxing and enjoying the rain. The sound of the waves, the rain, and the perfect temperature, with the doors and windows open, rocked me, and I experienced one of those glorious deep periods of sleep. You know what I'm talking about: No dreams, just total rest. A time for healing.

I woke up not knowing where I was or what day it was. Plus, I felt rested. I felt content, happy, and excited for Monday to come. (Generally, I'm not a fan of Monday.)

In the helicopter, there's a term describing this phenomenon that happens during a perfect takeoff: It's called Effective Translational Lift. When all of nature falls into perfect harmony: Gravity, speed, and wind line up to create the most efficient condition, and it feels like God's hands are lifting you off the ground with no effort. Even the engine gets quieter, and the lift becomes pure perfection.

My falling asleep yesterday was that kind of thing. You can't force it. It just happens, and you are in perfect harmony with life - TOTAL efficiency and effortless living. SIGH

Like you've done your best - And your best IS GOOD ENOUGH.

Try these three little tricks and see if SLEEP, GLORIOUS SLEEP doesn't begin to grace your life again? 1. DARKEN THE ROOM 2. REMOVE ELECTRONICS - add raw potatoes to your room. 3. TRY WHOLE TONES

In the meantime, know that you are LOVED!

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy It's a Jungle Out There

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