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Angel Jane

When I think of the angels I've met on earth during my very long tenure here, Jane Makuta comes to mind. If you knew her, you would know what I'm talking about. At this time, I'm happy to tell you about her. She left us recently to sing and dance in heaven. Since then, she has been poking some of us to "lighten up" and "smell the roses."

Jane had a slim, tiny frame but a huge personality. Her voice and eyes penetrated your soul, whether she was laughing, talking, or singing. She was incredibly talented in all areas of life: Music, family, friendship, health, decorating, and living life - big,

When she passed, I received this message from her three beautiful adult children. They were all in the band: The Makuta Family. The musical talent of all of them is off the charts.

"Dr. Wood, my sisters, and I have talked a lot. We've cried and cried. We've just stared into nothing, watching the sun come up and go back down. It's the only thing we can really manage, save a few times where we forced ourselves to go outside to walk, or even drive to Renova to drop off the notes and Bemer. But, the undercurrent of love we feel helps us survive when we really don't want to live anymore. And we feel that from you. To say you are so very precious to us is an understatement.

My sisters and I just spoke the past few days about going to Alaska. My mom's dream was to go. We were all extremely excited about the idea of your 70th birthday trip and us playing en route. Our mother's eyes lit up when we told her. So, soon, we would be significantly honored... literally, all your words in the past texts were something that comforted us and gave us hope. I'll explain more soon, but literally, every single thing you said is a great deal. We all love you, endlessly, and beyond words." ❤️

GOD BLESS this family in their pain.

We never imagined or believed we would or could lose our Angel Jane. When she left this world, there were no words to do justice about our beloved Angel. I'm going to try by paraphrasing what her children wrote a few days after her death:

To know her was to love her. She is the best for us - confidante and cheer-leader. She is our greatest hero and best friend. As you all know, her voice is one of the most exceptional, most beautiful voices of all time. Her virtuosic musicianship on nearly every instrument was unsurpassed. Her ability to write, arrange, orchestrate, and produce music was to watch a master at work.

She LOVED everyone purely and wholly--whether she knew you for seconds or years. She made you feel like you were the most important person ever, no matter what. Because of her--you were. She was an artist's artist. She had the world's most fabulous smile.

She was the smartest, most brilliant, funniest, kindest, most creative, sincerest, and most beautiful human being (inside and out). Who she was in public was the same way she was in private. She taught us everything we know. All we are is because of her. All we hope to be is because of her. She is the reason we do anything and is the breath in everything we do.

Jane's death was hugely unexpected. When she passed, her family couldn't hold her, touch her, smell her, nor kiss her. Though she did not have COVID-19, nor do any of them--the hospital policy stated they could not enter the building due to the pandemic policies in place. So they slept in the parking lot, in their car, just to feel her, and let her know they were there.

We all believe she knew. From outside, they sang to her, prayed over her, talked with her, and told her they loved her like they had done so many times, every single day of their lives. They knew she heard.

Through their words: "We are shattered, broken, and unfixable. We want to scream and never stop. We want to just wake up and stop the nightmare. We will never be the same. We no longer have anything to lose because we lost the one who meant the most to us--our best friend, biggest hero, and greatest inspiration. We are in total shock. But we hear her, we feel her. She accomplished and achieved so much. But we had so many plans with her. So, we have a legacy to honor, and a legacy to continue. Because of her, we exist. Because of her, we are. Because of her, we will never stop. We remain in her name. She lives forever in you and in us. Thank you for loving her just as she loved you. Tell the world about her. Do as she always did - live fearlessly, love ferociously, endlessly give endlessly, and paint the world boldly, with every color."

Rest In Peace Our Beautiful Angel Jane. We know you are fighting the good fight on the other side of the veil. This world is less bright without you.

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