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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Imagine my surprise to walk into the Renova boardroom, where I thought I was heading for a meeting, to be met with all the Renova TEAM shouting "Surprise." This was for the much anticipated ENBLOC/EXPLANTING Surgery scheduled Monday, March 2, with Dr. Stanwix in Richmond. These much appreciated and cared about co-workers, are a riot:

Being a little bit nervous about having my chest cavity sliced opened and toxic boob-ticking-time-bombs removed from bone and lung tissue - has made me a bit frightened. Still, this party made me proud and excited about my decision to have surgery. Thanks, guys. You rock my world, as always.

So, I haven't been keeping you up to date on this journey. Frankly, with each passing day, I have become more and more sick and just haven't felt like writing. However, I have been working 8-10 hour days to distract from the pain - emotional and physical.

At one point, a couple of months ago, I panicked and tried to find someone local to do the surgery sooner. That didn't go so well, and cost me $500 to reserve a surgery date, only to cancel after the following experience. "Non-refundable." I didn't care. I ran.

NOTE TO MY DEAR READERS: The following is 100% my own opinion of a personal experience and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice for you. As you know, I am required to say this, and you are required to follow your own conscience, not mine. This is not medical advice - I never give that, anyway.

I removed the names to protect the innocent - ME!

December 22, 2019

Dear Dr. [John Doe]:

Thank you for your time last Friday regarding an appointment with you to consider explanting my forty-year-old breast implants. I was excited to meet you and believed I had discovered a great local resource. On several of the Breast Implant Illness websites, women have posted photos of your work and regarded you as a fine artistic craftsman, compassionate, thorough, and professional. [Jane Doe], from your office, is a breath of fresh air.

After considering the following facts, I have decided not to use your services. Please cancel my pre-op appointment for this Friday and my surgery appointment scheduled on January 9. If you are interested in knowing what I believe and why -- read on. Otherwise, please know I am grateful for your time

Sincerely, [ME]

In summary, this is what I heard from Dr. [Doe] in red. My thoughts were in black. I stopped talking at some point as I quickly realized we were from different planets. Most of his information: non-issues. Some I agree with, but the last two were serious deal-breakers:

1. You would do a fantastic job on an EXPLANT – you showed me where you will make the incisions at your onsite surgery center. And, BTW, don't I want to be re-implanted? Me: Seriously?

2. I do not need a lift or anything else at this time, but you will do the explant. Wait 6 months and decide then if I feel more surgery is necessary. I will probably be about an A or a B without implants. Me: Got it. Don't care. I'm almost 70 years old. Not married. I loved Twiggy-Look. Can't wait.

3. Healing would take about a week. Overhead reaching not a good idea. Heavy work after a few weeks. Me: Seriously? One week? Did he hear I'm almost 70, and these boob-bombs have been rotting for 40 years rotting inside me? But that sounds great. I hope he's are right.

4. I do not need Hyperbaric – it would be an overkill – and could even cause things to go worse. Me: Really? OK. So, this doc is not educated on HBOT. Good to know.

5. No vitamins for a few days after as they can cause bleeding (prescription drugs are OK – they work) Me: Oh, I see - Drugs work. Vitamins cause problems. WOW. I didn't know that. Good thing I came here to be un-educated. (We were becoming more apart the more he talked. I just listened. Shocked.)

6. Will most likely have drains. You, not my nurse, will remove them at the appropriate time. Me: Note to self: So he is offended that I have a nurse-friend coming to help after the surgery. Also, good to know he was also against trained and experienced nurses.

7. Dr. M... did your original implants, and he did a fantastic job. He was a genius. Me: I'm not a fan of his work. I've been having horrible symptoms off and on for 40 years. Didn't realize the source. He told me research had been done showing implants to be safe, and they would last a lifetime. That seems to be a lie, or this guy was grossly mistaken. Because now, I'm having non-stop symptoms that get worse everyday. But, he was right about one thing: Dr. [M...] didn't know implants were actually boob-ticking-time-bombs. Probably because he never had breasts, himself? And perhaps because there was NO research ever done proving them safe ... and "last a lifetime?" That's correct. Because they cut your life short.

8. Science is the only real source of all things regarding breast implants and life in general.

Me: Well, OK, then. Let me throw out my 50 years of studies as a Math/Physicist and discount everything I know about Energy Medicine and alternative medicine - 5000 years of proven "science."

9. Alternative medicine is not a science and has nothing of value to offer – unlike medicine.

Me: Again, good to know that I wasted 50 years of research, study, and "practice." I feel so much better.

10. Nutrition and exercise are helpful, but not the answer. Me: I agree – my perfect diet and exercise programs, practiced for these past 40 years haven't been able to cause my capsules/implants to explant themselves, nor dissolve on their own.

11. Drink tons of water after and drinking celery juice is also very helpful. Me: OK. I totally agree, but is drinking celery juice scientifically proven?

12. Mammograms are critical, and I will research thermography to prove mammograms' rule. Even though mammograms can rupture the implant. Me: Whoa. I told you I refuse to do a mammogram. BTW Where do you do your research? (No answer only an incredulous look that I would question the expert's expertise.)

13. Blood work is imperative, and you could not operate without having blood work done. Me: I told your nurse I am not a fan of blood work or mammograms, but I will do the blood work. Please forward the results. (Never happened.)

14. Your office asked if I was re-implanting? You asked, as well. Me: Seriously? Are we not speaking the same language? I waited for one hour in a room filled with sample IMPLANTS. I felt I was in a morgue, filled with the future suffering of women like me.

15. You do not do enbloc, because it isn't needed. Capsules will dissolve when implants removed. Me: Couldn't even respond. This was incredulous. I was stuck in a time warp of ignorance or lies.

16. You believe that most of the symptoms women are speaking of have nothing to do with implants. Me: I can see that we are going to have to agree to disagree. Here are my deal breakers:


1. You do not ENBLOC, nor do you believe in ENBLOC – if you can't easily remove the implants along with the capsules, you will leave the capsules in, and they will dissolve over time. I asked why they didn't dissolve in 40-years? You said when the implants are removed, the capsules dissolve. It's science – proven.

NOTE: That makes absolutely no sense. I cannot risk leaving in parts of the capsules. Enbloc is critical. Enbloc is a "given," and my surgeon must be on board with this science. I assumed you've done explant/enbloc on the women who have been pleased with your work. From the information given by several of your patients, it appeared you were aware of and sympathetic to Breast Implant Illness and realized that these capsules will not ever dissolve harmlessly into the body. They are, in fact, the ticking-time-bombs of these boob-bombs. Do the research. I did. If you do not remove the capsules - your victims, oops, I mean "patients" will not heal.

2. You believe, as told by the ASPS, that all the symptoms women are being diagnosed with have nothing to do with the implants. This is not science, you said. You said this was explained at your recent conference. It’s basically hype. None of the Breast Implant Illness websites are science-driven. A few women with problems are causing a lot of hysteria.

NOTE: I am aware of the movement by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) to respond to the wave of illnesses being blamed on “Breast Implant Illness,” as hype from women who “self-diagnose on social media.” I consider the ASPS to be spreading hysteria among their physicians and have done my research on them. I appreciate the need and desire of the AMA to have standards/guidelines for their industry because drugs and surgery can be a dangerous business, killing over 600,000 individuals each year. The statements by ASPS appear to be slanderous and rather desperate: name-calling and aligning their followers for a battle. When an organization/industry feels the need to discredit a group of individuals, the same individuals that physicians took an oath to protect and serve, it seems they might be running scared. More self-preservation than science, in my opinion.

How can defenders of life (physicians) ignore the numbers of women who believe implants are toxic, even "boob-ticking-time-bombs?" (my "endearing" term) Written ASPS defense says: "BII is not an accepted medical diagnosis." So, because you "experts" have not proclaimed their most income-producing surgery to be dangerous, you are being advised to stand by (stand-down) and allow women to suffer to death.

“More than 400,000 women and teenagers undergo breast implant augmentation surgeries every year, with 75% for augmentation of healthy breasts and 25% for reconstruction after mastectomy. The popularity of breast implants has risen dramatically in the last 20 years and has more than tripled since 1997.”

Regarding Celery Juice

I am a fan of drinking celery juice. I drink it myself and promote it to others as a healthy protocol. Unfortunately, there is NO science to prove (or disprove) possible benefits, but I do appreciate your mentioning it. Celery juice information comes from a self-proclaimed "medical medium," who also claims to hear a spirit whispering health truths/diagnosis in his ear.

Anthony William is an expert on promoting himself on social media and has convinced movie stars and thousands of individuals to try it. They claim amazing cures. The lack of scientific proof is not stopping people from trying it nor from healing. This is how game-changers begin and grow. And how people benefit and change "science."