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Every one who knows me, knows I work exclusively with the information from The Medical Medium (Anthony William). I do this for one reason:

It works.

I don't have time to waste trying out this theory or that theory, as I have done over the past 50 years. People are hurting NOW and deserve to heal - quickly. Anthony's newest book, "Medical Medium: Cleanse to Heal," is a plethora of information covering every modern day health annoyance to serious chronic diseases. Medicine, alternative or traditional, tends to treat symptoms, rather than to get to the root of the problem. That takes too long.

Anthony, on the other hand, starts at the root of the problem. What caused the problem and what to do to fix it? And more importantly, how to live so the problem never shows up in the first place. Now that's powerful.

"It is vital to cleanse troublemakers like viruses and heavy metals on an ongoing basis throughout your whole life." ~Anthony William, The Medical Medium

In previous BLOGS, we've examined the cause of dis-eases to be troublemakers like pathogens/viruses, and bacteria. Then we saw how to avoid or eliminate these "troublemakers":

HOW? We learned it can be very simple:

  1. Drink celery juice every day

  2. Eat critical clean carbohydrates every day. (Fruit, squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes)

  3. Eat Leafy Greens every day

Sometimes health isn't as simple as that - especially when we are born with particular dis-eases that we didn't cause. I once asked my professor in Naturopathy: "How do you determine if we are sick or is our body trying to heal something?" His answer has always stuck with me: "They are the same. A healing 'crises' is a 'dis-ease' that your body is working hard to get rid of or keep out."

If you can wrap your head around that, then how do we 'help' our body get rid of the dis-eases? The answer is discovered in the simple example of taking a bath. We bathe in order to remove dirt. Removing the dirt prevents the dirt from causing problems, or dis-eases. So how do we bathe the inside of our body?

With a cleanse. A type of FAST.

There are several different recommended cleanses for you to choose from based on where you are on your health journey and how much time you have to rest. RESTing is very important during a cleanse. It's how you get out of the way of your body doing its job.

You can find the complete explanation and guidance for these different cleanses in the book MEDICAL MEDIUM: CLEANSE TO HEAL. Amazon is selling it for half price right now, and it contains all the information necessary to keep you safe from the troublemakers: pathogens and bacteria, heavy metals, radiation, chemicals, plastic, and all toxic matter.

Here's a summary tool for you to read over as you consider which cleanse is best for you, while you are waiting for the mailman to deliver your book:

MM Detox
Download PDF • 1.52MB

In the meantime - feel free to go to Renova Reset and get a scan that will instantly reveal which cleanse your body prefers at this moment in time.

It's a Jungle Out There

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