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Fear weighs on your soul

How do we fight fear?

Fear is like a virus. It sneaks up on us when we are least aware, especially if we are not prepared. How do we prepare? Obviously, there are millions of people on planet earth who are not prepared, and that is why so many are afraid.

We've been given protocols to avoid being infected with the COVID-19; and things to do to recover from it. I think everyone will agree that prevention is better than trying to cure a dis-ease. And yet for some of us, having to recover is a reality.


  1. Stay home.

  2. If you must go out, wear a mask.

  3. Make masks for others.

  4. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

  5. Drink hot water, tea, or other drinks with Vitamin C, Zinc, and lemon.

  6. Don't touch your face.

  7. If you happen to walk near another human being - stay six feet apart.

  8. Don't cough or sneeze in public. (if you must - make sure to cover your mouth)

  9. Wipe down the metal with germ killer because viruses live longest on metal.

  10. When you come home, strip down, wash your clothes, shower, and put on clean clothes.

  11. Do everything to improve, increase, and build your immune system.

  12. Pray as you've never prayed before. If you never have - start now.

  13. Don't hoard - especially toilet paper.

  14. Don't be old - over 60 years of age is dangerous.

  15. Don't have high blood pressure.

  16. Don't go to work.

  17. Don't go to Church.

  18. Don't visit your families.

  19. Don't hang out with your friends.

  20. Don't go to the beach.

  21. Don't go to the gym - it's closed anyway.

  22. Don't travel.

  23. Don't cross State or Country borders.

  24. If you are "essential," go risk your lives (thank you - God Bless You)

  25. If you are a truck driver - know that you are the heroes of this dispensation.

There are more things you can do to protect yourself, and the world - but these are the main things. Now that we know these things and are doing some or most of them, we don't feel as afraid. Fear cancels out faith, by-the-way. That's another discussion.

We do hear of people who contracted COVID-19 and died anyway, even though they had done everything right. Now, that's scary. because it wipes out our safety zone. In creeps the fear again, and our soul becomes burdened. Discouragement sneaks in like a bandit.

Hopefully, we turn to the scriptures for comfort and direction. We fall on our knees and pray to understand and know God. Our Father. We need Him like we've never needed Him before and we know this all too well. "Father, Where Art Thou?" Is this Your plan? We struggle to understand.

We might watch a Hallmark movie (I know, I know - a lot of you don't like Hallmark movies - and now I've seen them all). Watch uplifting movies; old movies that represent strong morals and family values (remember those?). Practice meditation. Listen to uplifting music; and other "good stuff."


  1. Acknowledgment that there's nothing we can do about any of this, for now.

  2. It's not our fault, nor the President. Come on, give him a break. Join the ones supporting and not tearing down.

  3. The old pressures - self-induced time pressures - are nonexistent. They don't matter.

  4. Downtime is not so bad. No choice, so stop fighting it. Probably for most of us, it's a relief to slow down. And for some of us, it may be the first time we ever took a break. (I'm worried I might enjoy downtime so much - I won't want to return to overdrive again.)

  5. Practice the piano or the guitar. (Maybe not the drums - might bother others)

  6. Sing, dance, exercise, talk to family, friends, and fearful staff.

  7. Post uplifting, funny pictures on social media.

  8. Time to work on relationships, especially those stuck with you.

  9. Time to build the immune system.

  10. Time to garden, especially sprouts.

  11. Time to watch those documentaries on your list, that you've never had time to do.



  1. Now this is the funnest part.

  2. This is your time to shine. The world needs the best you.

  3. Be a leader.

  4. Be an example.

  5. Spread good cheer instead of germs.

  6. We got this, America. I'm so proud to be here with you. You inspire me.

  7. DO THIS: Tomorrow, Friday, the 10th of April, 2020, is proclaimed a World Wide Fast to pray COVID-19 away.

  8. I have some friends who are suffering some pre-existing conditions, and I'm adding them to the World Wide Fast and Prayer.

  9. Let's do some good.

  10. Let's heal ourselves and our world.

  11. Tomorrow. BE THERE.

Be Well ~ Be Safe ~ Be Happy

It's a Jungle Out There

Make a Difference.

Love you Guys.

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