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Day 2 - Journey

Good Morning.

A brand new day is here. Another do-over with lot's of feelings stirring:

Physically: Muscle soreness! That's to be expected since I haven't worked out in over two years. I hate it when I stop working out because I know how bad it will hurt to get back on track.

YUP. I was right.


Surprisingly, I also feel some discouragement. Like how am I going to lose the amount of weight I've put on - even the COVID-30? I have been afraid of getting on that scale - obviously, knowing the scale would make me sad. Reality checks are tough.

YUP. It did make me sad.


I'm looking outside at the beach, and it is in perfect condition: The tide is out, so running will be incredible. The beach has always been a place to walk and talk to my Father in Heaven: discussing dreams, aspirations, discouragements, fears, hopes, questions, gratitudes, and more are discussed and resolved. If nothing else, the resolution is to know that I am not alone and He loves me unconditionally.

Can't wait to get out there.


With all the concerns and serious illnesses facing so many today - it seems that thirty pounds of fat would not be that much of a big deal, but it is to me. It's a new deal - one I have never faced and would love to drop out of this competition in August. But then there's Barbara dumpling. And May at Fitness Norfolk, and Jackie at Float Norfolk. And Zack at The Renova Center. And my daughters who are proud of their mom. And those grands who think their Nana Gaga can do anything.

Nope. No quitting now. No quitting ever.

Here's something encouraging: FITNESS NORFOLK at THE RENOVA CENTER has a scale called IN-BODY COMPOSITION ANALYZER to keep track of your fitness results. Each report analyzes body mass index, body fat percentage, and lean body mass. It does this by showing results in each arm, leg, and trunk - so you know exactly where the problem lies.

Interestingly enough - the only thing out of proportion is weight. The fat is low, and the muscle is high. If I was entering a body-building competition - it would be a perfect combination for success.

But for a dance competition with Ricardo (he's Italiano) with a small frame - if there's going to be any lifting moves - I will be the one lifting him! So:

Onward and Upward. Full speed ahead. Life is a JOURNEY.

By the way - how's your journey going?

The difference between men and women and how we see ourselves.

BE WELL ~ BE SAFE ~ BE HAPPY : It's a jungle out there.

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