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Day 4 - Journey

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Good Afternoon friends.

Today almost got away from me in that I was too tired to hang out with you all. But this was a day of recovery, and I worked from home. Here's what I woke up seeing:

Can you believe it? How can you not believe in God when you see something as spectacular as this? Man has never nor will ever create anything as beautiful as this.

I learned some worthwhile things today:

  1. Don't NOT eat all day and expect to eat healthily.

  2. It doesn't work.

  3. You will binge.

  4. Then you will beat yourself up.

  5. Truth: The old saying that making NO PLAN ... is a plan to fail.

So make your plan and stick to it.

BONUS: The Medical Medium is the real-deal-health-info. He's like Edgar Casey but better - for our time. Check this Star Gazing Meditation out for "finding yourself." My dad used to say to look in the mirror to find myself. Our world is more complicated now and it's not quite that easy: Enjoy:

Tomorrow is another day to DO-OVER and do it better. I listened to the Medical Medium on Facebook-Live, and he talked about the MONO-Eating Cleanse. I learned the benefit of MONO-MEALS from Dr. Doug Graham and The Raw Food Group and originally from Natural Hygiene.

  1. Use the MORNING CLEANSE every morning and

  2. Add the MONO-MEAL CLEANSE for seven days - to your plan ...

  3. This is an easy-peasy success formula to lose weight and fix your liver along with all the other dis-eases:

Can't wait to hear from you about how this is working for you. And remember, tomorrow is another day - PLAN TO SUCCEED, but don't stress - DO-OVERS are allowed.

Hang in there. Don't quit.

PS: I almost forgot to tell you. I had my first dance lesson last night with Ricardo (did I mention he's Italiano?) and he is amazing. I also met his beautiful wife whom we hope will come to FITNESS NORFOLK and be a Personal Trainer!

I have to admit that my hips don't move like they used to, nor do they move like his. I told him I was sorry he got stuck with me. He said he is happy he got me - "you are fun and can laugh at yourself."

YUP - I got that down pat. Now to work on those hips!


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